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  1. Vehicles for Sale
    For sale is my 2002 Spec V w/ VQ swap. The body was damaged in the rear from a hit and run. The chassis is too expensive to repair but the parts are all undamaged. I want to sell the motor in the chassis because it's a complete VQ swap that runs great with all the issues worked out. Also you can...
  2. Member Rides and Project Cars
    I recently picked up an 02 spec v with a VQ Swap for a good price in NY. Needs some work but thought it'd be a good project. This makes my 6th sentra, but 4th B15. here's some pics from the for sale ad, so as it was when purchased:
  3. hey

    i have owed my 03 for a few years now. I'm looking for a VQ swap. any tips
  4. Vehicles for Sale
    Check out all the info needed to be known about the car is in this thread. http://www.b15u.com/member-rides-project-cars/16870-scrapin-black-03-vq-se-r-nyc-updated-8-13-a.html As of now the car has 62k miles. Basics: 03 SE-R 02 VQ motor 6 Spd Spec V transmission 19"x7.5" 5Zigen Copse Wrapped...
  5. Engine Swaps, Builds
    Okay I know there's been some info posted about vq swapping the spec but I've searched and can't seem to find the exact information I'm looking for. I'm thinking of swapping my stock spec, but I need to know what exactly do I need to do a vq swap other than the engine and transmission. Do I need...
  6. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    You can contact 'tunedslick' or 'staytuner' on here. Or just click the following link: VQ Swaps - Stay Tuned Performance This is the official VQ Swap inquiry thread. Be serious, not curious here. I will clean this thread up if needed. 02 - 03 Spec V $5000 Parts and Labor $2500 Labor only...
1-6 of 6 Results