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  1. 02-03 Wheels

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for 2 or a set of "Snowflake" wheels. They don't have to be mint just NOT WARPED. Hit a big pothole and my front 2 are toast.
  2. WTT/WTB stock 04-06 spec wheels/rims in Oregon

    Parts Wanted
    Hi I am looking for stock rims for my 06 spec. For trade I have some 17x7.5" konig wheels and brand new as of 3 months ago tires (lexani lx-seven tires which are awesome) I still have the receipt. Here is a stock photo of wheels that look similar to my trade wheels...
  3. 02-03 Need advice on wheel sizing Help!

    Troubleshooting and Support
    Wondering if an 18x8 wheel with 225's would fit on an 03 spec v with a 1.3 inch drop without rubbing?
  4. 02-03 WTB: Spec V 17" Wheels (2002 - 2003) Tires Not Needed

    Parts Wanted
    WTB: Spec V 17" Wheels (2002 - 2003) Tires Not Needed Recently got a Spec V, and looking for a nice set of OEM wheels to replace the wheels that are currently on it. I'm located in PA, willing to drive if close / pay shipping if far. I know my B15u post count is low, but the car is new to me...
  5. FS: $400 Wheels and tires (Enkei) 4 lug Universal 4x100 & 114.3

    Parts for Sale
    FOR SALE - obo * 17" x 7 +42mm Offset 4 lug Universal Wheels and Tires. 4x100 or 4x114.3 | Weight not available all I can say that theyre not heavy at all when I lift em with one hand * 2 tires are in Good Condition 80% thread the other about 40% | Tire size 225/45 R17 * Really well taking care...
  6. All B15 Models Enkei PKR 17s for sale/trade

    Parts for Sale
    4 enkei PKR 17x7 +42s 4x114.3 bolt pattern just made the 5 lug swap and need to get rid of these, all of them balance out, and were just balanced but the tires are pretty shot..i can take them of and just sell the wheels tho without a problem theyre all pretty good condition, but there not...
  7. 4x OEM SE-R Spec V 17" rims, BFGoodrich g-ForceKDW2 Tires

    Parts for Sale
    Set of 4 OEM Rims from 2003 Nissan Sentra (fits 2002) w/ 4 mounted/balanced BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW2 Performance Summer Tires $775 - all four - Pick up Toronto / GTA, Ontario, Canada (Milton / Mississauga, ON) Might be able to ship from / drop off in Buffalo NY More photos here...
  8. All B15 Models 2006 1.8s wheels fs $200

    Parts for Sale
    gone! close thread
  9. All B15 Models FS: Sickspeed Extended Gold Lugnuts

    Parts for Sale
    So after having these lugnuts on my Sentra for about 3-4 months I decided that they really weren't for me and I've decided to put them up for sale. They are Sickspeed Gold Lugnuts and they usually retail for around $50 brand new which may sound cheap, but these are amazing quality lugs. They...
  10. All B15 Models Varrstoen wheels! - cheaper now than EVER before!

    Hey guys, due to request by a number of past customers, I have opened an account with Varrstoen Wheels. Many of you know these are VERY popular wheels and usually at a hefty price. I can't publicly post the pricing but if you are interested, we need 10+ buyers by 4/30/12. This is being ran...
  11. WTB: Set of 17" Spec V Wheels

    Parts Wanted
    Just like the title says, Looking for OEM 17" Spec V Wheels. Curb rash, ding, rock chips... Dont matter! As long as they are straight and true and tires hold air I'll take them off your hands. I am located in Rochester, NY (near Buffalo, NY and Syracuse, NY) and willing to drive 200-300 miles...
  12. WTB: Stock Wheels in Socal

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for stock some stock Spec-V (or any stock Nissan 4-Lug) rims in SoCal (San Diego, OC, LA) area. No rubber, new rubber would be best. Let me know. TIA. [email protected]
  13. All B15 Models In stock: TDMi 5 Lug conversion Kit B15/B14/B13/N14/N15/N16 starts at 110 shipped!!

    TDMi / Kuo's Garage
    TDMi 5 Lugs Conversion Kit 5 x 114.3 We have 6 options: 1. Front Hubs (1 pair) $290 2. Rear Hubs (1 pair) $260 3. Sleeves & Washers $110 4. Rear Hubs (1 pair)+Sleeves & Washers $299 5. Front Hubs (1 pair)+ Sleeves & Washers $350 6. Combo option include Front & Rear Hubs (2...
  14. WTB: Rims for my 04 Spec V

    Parts Wanted
    I need rims for my 04 spec V, used or new, with or without tires, stock or aftermarket, i do not care i just need wheels asap, preferably 17inch because i have 2 sets of 17" tires, but like i said i will take anything, let me know if your looking to sell, i will pay for shipping or i will pick...
  15. Powdercoating dilemna

    Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, picked up these wheels in march and have recently felt like it's time to powdercoat them a different color. I can't make up my mind though haha maybe black or dark grey. What do you think?
  16. 02-03 SER Spec-V OEM Wheels Rims Stockers

    Parts for Sale
    EDIT 6/27: All three have sold. Thank you! These are no longer available I have three, all have tires on them now, but if you desire me to ship one I will of course remove the tire before doing so. Also you should know that I will take many pics from many angles for you if need be. The curb...
  17. 02-03 OEM Spec V Rims & Tires

    Parts for Sale
    Hey guys im selling my 02-03 Spec V rims and tires and going for a new look. I am looking for the highest offer and keep in mind the buyer pays shipping. I am open to all reasonable offers and even trades if you have something worth it. So heres the specs: All 4 original 02-03 Spec V rims and...
  18. FT/FS: 16" Black Rota Circuit 10 with brand new Kumho ASX 205/45 tires

    Parts for Sale
    Hey, I just want to see what I can get for these 16" 4-lug universal Circuit 10s in great condition, one wheel has a little rash but nothing serious and cant really see it..I just bought new 205/45R16 Kumho ASX tires..spent $400 on just the tires but I want some extra cash right now. I will...
  19. All B15 Models B15 Parts for Sale

    Parts for Sale
    I've got some stuff for sale. -First of all I'm from Nashville and anything you purchase will probably have to be shipped. FOR SALE -2004-2006 Stock Spec-V Wheels. (Tires are no good.) $450 Shipped -B15 OEM Side skirts one is black and one is silver. SOLD - BC Racing Coilovers in good shape...
  20. 04-06 spec v stock wheels blacked out nice!

    Parts for Sale