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  1. cant hear turbo at idle

    Troubleshooting and Support
    are u supposed to hear the turbo at idle? i have the turbonetics setup t3 t4 ball bearing. i noticed its misfiring so i am waiting on the new coilpacks ,hopefully that fixes tghe problem. its backfiring like crazy too. when i drive i notice it goin into boost fairly easy but it lacks a lot of...
  2. 02 spec v cheapp!!!!!

    Vehicles for Sale
    whats up people I have a 2002 blue spec v for sale 145,000 miles -AEM cai, obx 4-2-1 headers, dropped on eibach lowering springs but unfortunatly the famous factory precat failure disease caught up to mine rite before i installed my headers im looking for 3,000 obo the car still runs good just...