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  1. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    Got into a fight with a mailbox and the mailbox won. I tore the left corner of the bumper off and the headlight popped out. I need some help assessing the damage and naming the damaged parts so that I can figure out my next step. If someone could point me in the direction of some schematics for...
  2. Vehicle Part Outs
    Whelp, totaled my spec a few days back. Air bags deployed, front bumper, fenders, hood, and radiator are no good. All else is up for grabs. Motor, transmission, all interior parts. Doors, windows, electronics. Anything you can possibly think of. Location is in New York. Will go halves on...
  3. B15 Sentra (2000 - 2006)
    I have been lurking in the background for several months now. The community has changed quite a bit over the last year. Anyway, I French kissed the ass of a Nissan Quest last week. Here is the progression of wreck to restore. Tried to change lanes instead of slow down...:laughing: that was a...
1-3 of 3 Results