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2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8S Special Edition
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I'm having trouble looking for performance parts for my 06 1.8, can anyone give me some links if possible?
Theres not much engine performance wise for the 1.8 but there are tons of suspension upgrades though.

Heres a lightweight pully. Allows your car to rev faster and get in the powerband faster.

Heres a header. You can find cat back exhausts for the Spec V too and they will fit on the 1.8. Might net you some gains. Might not.

3. Aleksracing.com​
Search N16 in the search bar. Chassis bracing from the N16 will work on the B15. Stiffer chassis will improve handling.​
4.Go to a junkyard and pull a strut brace off of a wrecked Spec V. I was at the junkyard the other day for a valve cover and saw tons of strut braces on Spec V's.​
A strut brace SHOULD improve handling. Though Ive read things that they dont do as much on the B15's.​
Replacing bushing will give you a stiffer rear end for better handling.​
A rear sway bar. It will stiffen the rear. Ive got a 19MM Progress sway bar on my car and it made a night and day difference. 2J I BELIEVE is the thickest bar on the market for B15. Improves handling.​
7. Coilovers. I dont know where to get them because I dont run coilovers anymore. but coilovers will lower your car. Lowering the center of gravity and further improving handling. Ride quality WILL suffer though. Any coilovers that say B15 or Spec V will work on the 1.8​
8. Rockauto.com. And go to the Sentra. Then go to the Brake pad, Caliper and Rotor Kits and there is a PowerStop brake kit. Not the most expensive kit on the market but Ive had a set on my car for over a year and theyve made a difference. They come with drilled and slotted rotors so they click. When you're braking they click. And youll have to break them in when you put them on.​
The caliper is stock but painted red. The pads are ceramic. And the Rotors are drilled and slotted. The theory behind slots in a rotor is that the pad will catch the slot improving braking. The slots are also suppose to scrape away the top layer of pad giving you a better bite. The theory behind drilled rotors is that they cool the brakes faster and they improve stopping distances in the rain because the water has somewhere to go through....... The down side to drilled and slotted rotors is the Slots destroy pads faster and drilled holes ruin the structural integrity of the rotor making them develop cracks and ruining the rotor faster.​
9. Ebay.com. Look up Cold air intake 1.8 Sentra. You can find a kit for less than 100$ Then switch the cone filter for a K&N​
The benefits/gains of a cold air intake is a highly debated topic. Some people think they are junk and do nothing and others think there are actual gains. A cold air intake draws colder air by moving the filter to the bumper and colder air is more denser which should give you gains or so is the thought. Cold air intakes are louder too which is cool and worth the 100 bucks imho.​
10. NGK Iridium IX spark plugs you can get at any auto parts store will keep your car running in tip top shape. Some say they net you some gains, though it is less then 1HP.​
11. Making your car lighter will help with making your car faster. Getting lighter wheels.. Im running Enkei RPF 1's. I believe are 18 pounds each but they felt lighter than the stock wheels. Gutting your car will make it lighter. Getting racing seats will make your car lighter. And you as a person losing weight will make your car lighter when you're in it.​
In the end it is your car. If you want to do mods you can do mods but DONT expect it to be fast. I own the 1.8 and have done many of these upgrades and I LOVE my car. The fun thing about this car is the handling. It feels like you're driving on rails. Its awesome! In my opinion... Get a cold air intake for a louder engine. And get like a body kit and underglow and subwoofers and all that jazz and just have fun with it. Its not a fast car.​
Hope this helps.​
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