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It's hard to believe that my time here is a decade old. I came here on the eve of myspecv.com undoing, disappointed by the loss. However, throughout my years here I have discovered, and learned tenfold from previous forums. A lot of notable people here have contributed, influenced and helped me greatly. Most have come and gone, but they leave behind a legacy and notes that will guide others for years to come (may b15u live forever). I'm not sure what I leave behind besides being a sort of B15 "Historian", as Dave once called me. I enjoy reading every tidbit of the Spec's development, and evolution, especially for the OEM/Nismo side. I hope that my quasi documentation and research will be enjoyed by others.

The best thing I can say about my b15, is that it still puts a smile on my face after all this time. Sure, it's more beat and worn from when I first got her, but her heart remains true and steadfast. I have had countless memories and experiences with her, both low and high. She has surprised many including myself, both off and on the track. The latter is where she is heading almost exclusively now that I have a 2nd car.

Here's looking at you, Barry; may I live long enough to hoon my b15 into my twilight years like you!

When I first got her, right after graduating HS:

A small bit of my literature collection. More underneath:

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