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2 simple questions about going turbo

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Just a couple simple questions. Turboing my 06 spec v and I need to know where is the best place to run my oil feed line to from the Turbo? And can I put the maf between the bov and throttle plate and vent to atmosphere or does it need to be after the bov or does it need to be on the intake pipe on the Turbo?
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I have always used a oil filter sandwich for feed line

This is how it goes: Throttle body-Maf-blow off
Ok thanks I forgot bout those sandwich adapters lol and I'm guessing just do the return line back to the oil pan correct?
for the return line, i used the same point as the turbonetics kit... so if you can find that manual, its a good reference. Also, for my feed I used a nisport adapter, which fed off the oil pressure sensor. It was pretty easy using a 27mm socket to get the stock sensor off... this way allows for you to safely monitor the oil pressure incase it suddenly drops.
The return line should go into the upper oil pan...

For oil feed, I like the Nissport adapter much better (i've had both)
NISsport Oil Pressure Adapter for B15 SE-R, Spec V, Altima
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