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2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V
-123,000 miles on the body
-New engine has ~7,000 miles (100,000 mile warranty)
-Ice cold A/C and toasty heater
-Black Enkei rims
-Professionally tinted windows
-Aftermarket clutch
-Lightweight flywheel
-Short-throw shifter
-Custom exhaust with no rust
-New fuel pump assembly
-2nd set of rims and tires (stock alloy rims with tires on them)
-Near perfect interior (two small holes in drivers seat, dark stain on right rear floor mat)
-28 mpg on the highway if you treat it nice
-Aftermarket shifter bushings (shifts like a bolt-action rifle)
-BSR kit (not installed...still wrapped in original packaging)
-(I may be forgetting a few things...)

Sentra specific issues
-Intake butterfly set screws tend to come loose (fixed with red loctite)
-Stock header catalytic converter breaks apart (fixed with aftermarket cat-less header)
-Hard starting from no check valve in fuel line (improved with new fuel pump assembly)
-Torque steer (improved with aftermarket engine mounts)

It is a used car and it has its flaws and quirks and little things that make it it's own, but it's still an awesome car.

It's a really clean car and very comfortable. It's quick, peppy, accelerates great, cruises comfortably on the highway, doesn't smell bad, sounds intimidating and muscular (no squeaky Civic tuner/ricer exhaust), drives straight and true, corners hard and holds a line, and it'll burn the tires all the way through first, squeal into second, and sometimes it'll even chirp rubber hitting third. The car is a blast to drive!!

I love the car, but I'm moving back to the UP and need AWD.

I travel for work, but I can have my sister show the car if I'm gone with no problems. I'd like it to go soon, so feel free to get a hold of me any time. I am anxious to get AWD! I can also get more pictures if you need them.

Calls and texts are all fine. I'll be happy to answer any questions. I got to know the car pretty intimately when the engine was replaced. I have all the paperwork for everything done to the car as well and will be happy to give any back-story anyone may need on how/why/where I got the car, what all I've done to it, why I'd like to sell it, and what I've learned to love about the car and things that I find annoying about it.



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