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Hi, I have been having issues with my 2003 Sentra SE R Spec V. A few days ago while driving my service engine soon light turned on and started flashing (everything felt fine. No rumbles, RPMs remained constant). At the next stop sign I shut my car off and turned it back on and the light was off completely. I drove another 10 miles after that and the light never turned back on. Then later that day as I was driving home the same thing happened and the service engine light was flashing again. I continued driving and it stopped flashing after about 10 seconds but the light remained on. A few minutes later while going down the road it happened again. The car drove perfectly fine and it did not feel like it was misfiring at all and after it was done flashing the solid check engine light remained on. The next day I brought the car into school and scanned it for trouble codes. These are the codes that came up:

P0108 - Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0104 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor "A" Circuit Intermittent
P0102 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor "A" Circuit Low
P0101 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance
p0110 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Break 1

p0300 - Random Cylinder Misfire Detected
p0455 - EVAP System Leak (Large)
p1448 - Vent Control Valve Stays Open

I still use this car as my daily driver and every time I drive it the engine light flashes for a few seconds randomly going down the road and then stops . It usually starts flashing while just moving as a constant speed down the road or highway, NOT after I shift or slow down. On top of all this, just yesterday I was stopped in a parking lot with my car idling and noticed that the RPMs went up and down constantly. It would go from about 800 RPMs to 400 RPMs and then back up again. Every few seconds it would change.

I have been driving the car like this for about a week now and everything feels fine. I know what a misfire feels like because the car shakes while giving it gas and there is a loss of power BUT I AM NOT EXPERIENCING ANY OF THIS. The car feels the same as it did before I started having these problems except the idling issue, I have never noticed that before until now.

So my question is: Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? Or should I bring it to a professional and pay to have it diagnosed? Please feel free to post ideas of what you think it could be. Sorry for the long post, I wanted to give as much detail as possible. This is also my first post so feel free to let me know if I did anything wrong.


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Probably need a new MAF sensor, check your spark plugs and you obviously have an EVAP leak some where. I'm not good at diagnosing EVAP leaks...

Start with the simple stuff first.

How to clean MAF:

and check your spark plugs maybe replace them so you can see why its misfiring, your code and the symptoms point to that regardless.

Let us know what happens.


You still have the stock exhaust manifold on the car? and have you checked the butterfly screws in the intake manifold?

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