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Hey Guys,

I'm toying with the idea of selling my 03' spec-v. I'm 22 now, graduating in May... so I bought Volvo:( lol.
Anyways, the Sentra has just been sitting in the driveway looking pitiful for the past 2 weeks so I'm considering finding it a new home where it can be enjoyed once again.

Background: I bought the car in 2013 from the vehicles 2nd owner with approx. 50,000 klm, already boosted (he said he did the work). I had it looked over by a friend/mechanic who told me it looked well-built. The car currently has approx. 107,000 klm (the previous owner swapped the gauge cluster to kmh, if you want to know in miles do the math). I haven't made any modifications to the car, I've only driven it for a few years. Oil has been changed every 3,000 miles with synthetic.

Mod List as told by the previous owner. I haven't made any additional modifications to the car.
Full Treadstone top mount Turbo kit with upgraded Garrett t3/t4 60trim turbo w/jet hot exhaust housing coated
Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate 5lb spring
Tial Blow off valve
Turbonetics Manual boost controller (set to 9psi)
Apexi SAFC2 for tune
AEM Wideband o2 setup (steering column mounted)
DevilsOwn Alcohol injection set up 5gph nozzel
ProThane Solid motor mounts
JWT Balance Chain removal kit
2.5" from turbo to ground then 3" from front to back (recirculated wastegate)
3.5" qtp Electric Cutout (switch mounted in center column)
3" magna flow muffler (high flow rate with low tone)
Exhaust temp probe installed under engine
Water temp in a Water temp adapter pipe
Oil temp sensor installed on rear of motor
NGK one step colder platinum plugs
Stage 4 Sprung Competition Clutch
mobile1 full syn oil
REDLINE Heavy shockproof full syn trans fluid

AEM Wideband o2 on steering column
Custom made 3 gauge dash pod
3 gauge 60mm A pillar pod
Digital fuel pressure gauge in dash pod
Digital voltage gauge in dash pod
Digital Exhaust temp gauge in dash pod
Analog boost 7 color memory gauge in pillar pod
Analog water temp 7 color memory gauge in pillar pod
Analog oil pressure 7 color memory gauge in pillar pod
Programable turbo timer
Sony Radio relocated to bottom bin
B&M short shifter kit
Blue Activation light for Alcohol injection(functions on boost switch 2+ psi it kicks on)
Red warning light for Alcohol fluid level
Klm gauge faces for cluster (has mph on inner circle)
Alpine type R speakers in front and back

Full GXE sentra front end swap
New Headlights w/6000K HID
Full 2004 Spec-V Rear end swap
2004 Spec-V Rims
Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks All around
Eibach Pro lowering springs
35% Tint

The bad:
The electric cut out has shorted out at the switch, the unit itself is fine. (needs a new switch)
The meth injection isn't working (I haven't probed into why, but could be simple as a hose disconnected--for serious buyers I'll pay to have it looked at).
No trunk mat
Power steering pump is starting to fail (Again, for serious buyers I will pay to have it fixed.)
& The paint is starting to fade in several spots (on the roof and hood)

Previous Owner's Pictures (2013)
1.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

Photo's I've taken since owning
3.jpg 4.jpg asset.jpg

I don't have any pictures with the 04' wheels, but they look like 04' wheels :)
For the sake of negotiation, I'll mark a list price of $5,200 --I have no idea what it's actually worth, I've been off of the forum life for years so just shoot me offers.

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How do you like that cut-out? I've only heard horror stories of them leaking after a short period of time

Great looking car

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It looks like a solid car and it's reasonably priced. Good luck with the sale pimp.

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did something happen to this thread? I cannot see my original post anymore.
It's gone apparently.

Maybe something was wrong with your listing. It'll get pulled if something is wrong. There's rules to the for sale section.

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Put it back up after reading rules, Stranger things have happened so it could have been a gremlin got it.
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