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2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V Part Out!

Everything on the car is for sale!

The only issue with the car is that the engine is blown.

Everything else on the car works.

The exterior of the car has no damage. All panels are straight, dent free and scratch free. The car is Molten Silver.

The interior of the car is perfect as well. No stains or rips or tears.

The car is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The car has the following upgrades –

Nismo Cold Air Intake - Sold
Nismo Headers - Sold
Nismo Exhaust - Sold
Tein Springs - Sold

Everything else is stock.

All prices are o.b.o and plus shipping.

Exterior -

Hood - $75 Sold
Doors - $75 each (stripped) Sold
Trunk - $75 Sold
Spoiler - $50 Sold
Front Bumper - $100 (recently repainted) Sold
Rear Bumper - $50 Sold
Skirts - $100 Sold
Headlights - $35 each Sold
Tail Lights - Sold
Fog Lights - $20 each Sold
Fuel Door - $25 Sold
Mirrors - $75 each Driver Side Sold
Fenders - $35 each Driver Side Sold

Interior -

Front and Rear Seats - $250 - Sold
Door Panels - $25 each - Sold
Carpet - $25 (pick up only) Pending
Floor Mats - $50 Sold
Shift Knob and Boot - $35 Sold
Airbags - $125 each Driver Side Sold
Rockford Fosgate Deck with AUX - $50 Sold
Rockford Fosgate Sub with Box - $50 Sold
Speakers - $10 each Sold

Engine - Best Offer (If I am offered a good price I will sell whole. If not, I may part)

Coil Packs - Sold

ECU - Sold

Wiring Harness - $75 Sold

6 speed Transmission - $350 Sold

Rims with Tires - $400 Sold

As I said, everything is for sale. Let me know what you are interested in and I will give you a price.

Here is a list with all of the parts that I have left that I can remember.


Driver side front and passenger side front windows
License plate holder
Wheel well trim


Center console
Rear dash
E-brake handle
Steering wheel - Sold
HVAC controls
Blower assembly - Sold
Main window switch
Window switches
Full uncut wiring harness
Driver rear and passenger front and rear window motors/regulators
Full sunroof assembly (glass, motor, frame etc)
Gas pedal
Brake pedal
Trunk liner
Trunk hardware
60/40 folding seat hardware
Seat Belts
Spare tire
Random trim pieces


Intake manifold
Throttle Body - Sold
Fuel injectors with harness
Airbag module
Front brake calipers - Sold
All four brake rotors
Steering column - Sold
Steering rack with tie rods
Strut bar
Brake master cylinder
A/C compressor
Windshield wiper motor

Parts are for sale on other forums as well. The best option is to e-mail me. I will be checking all threads as well.

[email protected]

More Pics -

Flickr: defaultName666's Photostream


2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC V
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how much for the headlights and grille. shipped to lusby, md 20657

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how much for the sunroof motor and floor mats shipped to 07838?

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both rear brake calipers shipped to 12054?

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Given the amount of interest I have had, I have edited the original post to include the price of the car as a whole.

Everyone else will be answered as soon as I have time to check prices for shipping.

Thanks for your interest

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Damn too bad your in Canada I wouldve def picked up the car as a whole
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