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2014 nissan sentra SV
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Hello guys, im an enthusiast guy that loves the nissan sentra B17, for this occasion i would like to talk about something, as i was looking for information of how to swap the normal looking cluster to the one that has the mini sentra in it, and as i didn't found any info i decided to show you guys how to do it.
I'm a English learner and im sorry if something isn't spelled right, i just want to help you guys and make you happy. Most of the parts would be just plug and play. No need to cut wires.
My car is a 2014 nissan sentra SV that had the basic looking interior.

So for this im going to talk about how i did this, what you need to know about the cluster swap.
You can convert your sentra 2013, 2014 and 2015 to look better with a new looking guage cluster.
From this:

To this:


First let's talk about what you'll need in order to make this possible. You'll need:
a new cluster, a new dash wiring harness, and from here you can choose the year of the car that you want to get the parts, this won't affect anything, a 20FT single cable.
and this other will be optional :
a new steering wheel (if you don't like the steering wheel of the sentra 2016-2019 you may want to use the steering wheel of a altima 2013-2018 which works great). Why a steering wheel? Well the steering wheel has 2 new buttons that have to do with the cluster and also it controls the cruise control. A front impact sensor with its brakets. A wiring harness that goes from the inside of the car all the way to the impact sensor.

Before we start, i have to disclose this, you'll need to take a picture of the cluster on of your original car, so you can see the mileage that you car have prior attempting something, then you'll also need someone that can reprogram the cluster's milage to your original miles, if your car has the old looking radio without Bluetooth, there would be a small problem you just have to remove 2 cables from the secondary connector the blue and green one and connect it to the ones that connects your radio.
if you have the radio with Bluetooth and rear camera, it will be just plug and play.
But if you have a navigation radio, in case that the car that you pulled the wiring didn't have the navigation equipped, you'll have to edit your wiring harness, it'll power on, but the lights/steering commands wouldn't work. Also the mic would work and the rear view camera.

⚠ make sure you know if your car uses the key to start or it uses the keyless system to start, as the wiring is very different and make sure the donor car uses the same system (key or keyless) as your car do.

With that being said, let's start the project.
Tools needed. A screw driver (+) a screw driver (*) and a small screw driver (+) no longer than 4 inches, a 10mm socket, a 12mm socket, a wrench and the wrench extension. A cutter and pretty much you'll be good to go.

Tomorrow I'll upload a picture of where are the screws the plastic pieces that you have to remove and some other stuff, if you have any questions let me know, and I'll glad to assist you.

2014 nissan sentra SV
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okay so i made a google docs explaining you everything you need to know and how you remove the dash and everything.
Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

something i wanted to say is how much this is going to cost you.
first my local junkyard is Pick your part.
the dash wiring harness was about $26 to get this price, remove the fuses and relays of the harness, and re-use the fuses of your car.
the cluster was about $45
the altima steering wheel along with the steering controls/buttons was $25
the steering wheel air bag could cost you around $25 to $60, i got it for $40
the radar impact sensor sometimes you can get it for free or you can pay around $50
the harness that goes from the radar to the inside of the car is $25

and most important the reprogramming of the miles, you have to reprogram your cluster to your original millage. this can cost you around $60 to $80 or if you have a friend of mind that reprogram the millage it will be way better. otherwise you may get into some serious problems because its Illegal to alter the mileage of the car and then try to sell it.

so you will going to spend a good amount of money, but it will be worth as most the work is just Plug and play. and it will be one of a kind.

later i will be doing another thread of how you can upgrade your radio for one that has the navigation feature.
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