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Wanted to share with you guys on how to get wheelhop completly out. It works best with or without motor mount inserts. It stiffens up your engine so it doesnt move in between upshifts or downshifts. you will notice very lil vibration but not much. Your launching and shifting will feel so much better and smoother.

If you dont understand how and what he's talking about, then heres my lil write up.

quantity-12 washers
size- 3/4 washers
cost- between 3-4 bucks
It's best to bring at least one bolt with you so you can know the size of the hole of the washer.
Tools needed- 17mm

1. Take out first 2 front bolts on the crossmember and remove the rubber washer. Place one washer where the arrows are pointed. Screw the bolt back and tighten all the way. Your done for the front.

2. Take out the 2 bolts on the Crossmember and remove the rubber washer. Place 4 washers where the arrows are pointed.Screw the bolt back. Tighten all the way. Your done with the mod.

Now you can enjoy your car with no wheelhop and no engine movment in between shifts. Best cheap mod i've dont since i had my car. Please feel free to ask any question
Any pics?
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