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The time has came to sell my VQ Sentra as I’m moving to California and am downsizing to one car.

There is 185-195,000 on the body (the newer cluster reads around 141,000). There is 110,000 on the VQ35DE engine it’s out of 06 Nissan Quest (these motors are pretty well protected from abuse versus ones in the maxima 3.5l six speeds from being down-tuned in their ecu).

She’s a 6 speed manual is from a 2005 Nissan Maxima. So for all intensive purposes the car is a 2005 Nissan Maxima 3.5l.

The only real engine mods is the 350z intake plenum, obx shorty headers, and a custom exhaust with a vibrant and Borla muffler. Wanted to keep it reliable as spirited a daily driven.

Swap kit:
-2J Racing ECU - they modify an 05 350z ecu specifically for this purpose
-2J Racing wiring harnesses
-2J Racing custom motor mounts
-2J Racing custom lower radiator tube

Engine maintenance; things done in the past two years
-Timing chain and guides
-water pump
-oil pump

-6spd manual
-short throw shifter
-clutch & flywheel replaced 5,000 miles ago

-Koni yellow struts
-Tanabe lowering 1.5” springs

-Brembos up front, hawk pads
-Drilled rotors all way around

-Nismo Gramlights 57C
-Pirelli P Zero Nero - 235/45/17

Lights and Audio:
-Black mirror Hella 500 retrofitted with HIDs behind lower grille. Discrete and very bright when on.
-pioneer Bluetooth radio
-alpine speakers in front doors
-wired for a powered sub (wires can be easily hidden if not used)

-Comes with a nismo style front lip (discontinued), painted never installed, is a bit scuffed from being the garage with other parts.
-tire chains

Give it a test drive and I promise you’ll fall in love with it.

Cheap to insure
Great mpg
Lightweight (2700lbs vs a 350z at 3,200lbs)
Very reliable motor that has had all the common issues already dealt with and has been meticulously maintained.
Pretty fast car without having to worry about added liability of being boosted
A beast in the snow FWD.
Perfect spirited daily and was my daily for years.

A/C leak by compressor (a shop found with it with UV). I think it’s probably just an o-ring. Will try swapping it out in the next couple days

Life happens and now I have to sell her for cheap so let me know if you are interested and I’ll answer any questions you have.

I got more pictures of the whole car and videos of it running, etc. So shoot feel free to shoot me a text or pm.

Phone number: 253-985-75sixsix

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Just take a trip
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Hmm maybe try convincing the lady that you need to give it to your kid as a gift for their 2nd birthday?

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I have $ but dear God California would be near impossible to smog register this. Fuhhh im waiting on if i have to ref in November for my renewal

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Not bad about an 1hr 30 away.. I'm out in Puyallup. Also feel free to text me tomorrow my number is in the post
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