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hello, i have a ps3 slim with a good bit of extras most of which are on the system its self. Only reason for selling is need some extra cash. i absolutely love this system, but this would make a great Christmas gift for someone who needs it. Thanks for looking and heres what i have:

PS3 With 500gb hard drive
Red Controller
Controller Keyboard
Hdmi Cord (not shown in pic)
Tons of music (can delete if needed)
Movies and Games

Games include:

Saints Row 3
Call of Duty MW3
Call of Duty Black Ops
Battlefield 3
Assassins Creed Revelations
Assassins Creed (on hard drive)
Call of Duty Elite
Infamous (hard drive)
Burnout Paradise (hard drive)
Little Big Planet (hard drive)
Modern Combat Domination (hard drive)
Spyro The Dragon (hard drive)
Spyro Year of The Dragon (hard drive)
Final Fantasy VIII (hard drive)

Movies include:

I Love You Beth Cooper Blu Ray
Ultraviolet Blu Ray
I Am Number 4 (hard drive)
No Strings Attached (hard drive)
The Eagle (hard drive)
The Green Hornet (hard drive)
Jackass 3 (hard drive)
Gulliver's Travels (hard drive)
Faster (hard drive)
Due Date (hard drive)
Megamind (hard drive)
The Fighter (hard drive)
True Grit (hard drive)
Date Fot Hire (hard drive)
Saw 3D (hard drive)
Hott Fuzz (hard drive)
Tron 1989 (hard drive)
Tron Legacy (hard drive)
The Other Guys (hard drive)
Death Race 2 (hard drive)
Unstoppable (hard drive)
A Christmas Carol 2010 (hard drive)
Dinner For Schmucks (hard drive)
Monsters (hard drive)
Takers (hard drive)
Sorcerers Apprentice (hard drive)
Skyline (hard drive)
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows prt.1 (hard drive)
Family Guy Star Wars (hard drive)
Easy A (hard drive)
Despicable Me (hard drive)
Cheerleader Camp (hard drive)
Big Tits Zombie Movie (hard drive)
13 (hard drive)
Social Network (hard drive)
Vampires Suck (hard drive)
Unraviled (hard drive)
Toy Story 3 (hard drive)
The Last Air Bender (hard drive)
The Hole (hard drive)
Scott Pilgrim (hard drive)
Resident Evil Afterlife (hard drive)
RED (hard drive)
Pirahna (hard drive)
Mirrors 2 (hard drive)
Lottery Ticket (hard drive)
Lost Boys-The Thirst (hard drive)
Jonah Hex (hard drive)
Inception (hard drive)
Robin Hood (hard drive)
Youth In Revolt (hard drive)
Wolfman Unrated (hard drive)
Twilight Eclipse (hard drive)
Twilight Newmoon (hard drive)
The Informant (hard drive)
The Decent 2 (hard drive)
The Book of Eli (hard drive)
Surrogates (hard drive)
Stomp The Yard 2 (hard drive)
St. Trinian 2 Legend of Fritton's Gold (hard drive)
Splice (hard drive)
Space Chimps 2 Rise of Zartog (hard drive)
Sorority Row (hard drive)
Salt (hard drive)
Predators (hard drive)
Machete (hard drive)
Nightmare on Elmstreet (hard drive)
Necrosis (hard drive)
Meet The Parents (hard drive)
Made For Each Other (hard drive)
Kick Ass (hard drive)
Iron Man 2 (hard drive)
I am Virgin (hard drive)
Hole in One (hard drive)
Get Him To The Greek (hard drive)
Date Night (hard drive)
Death At A Funeral (hard drive)
Cruel Intentions (hard drive)
Cop Out (hard drive)
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (hard drive)
Cirque Du Freak Vampire's Assistant (hard drive)
Break (hard drive)
Boondock Saints (hard drive)
Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day (hard drive)
30 Days of Night-Dark Days (hard drive)
Zach and Miri Make a Porno (hard drive)
Year One Unrated (hard drive)
Whiteout (hard drive)
Whip It (hard drive)
When In Rome (hard drive)
Valintines Day (hard drive)
Underworld Evolution 2 (hard drive)
Transylmania (hard drive)
The Ugly Truth (hard drive)
The Proposal (hard drive)
The Mist (hard drive)
The Losers (hard drive)
Last House on The Left (hard drive)
The Hangover (hard drive)
Chronicles of Riddick (hard drive)
The box (hard drive)
Bounty Hunter (hard drive)
A-Team (hard drive)
Tenacious D-The Pick of Destiny (hard drive)
Team America World Police (hard drive)
Taken (hard drive)
Stealth (hard drive)
Starship Troopers (hard drive)
Star Trek 2010 (hard drive)
Smokin Aces 2 (hard drive)
She's Outa My League (hard drive)
Sex and Death 101 (hard drive)
Repo Men (hard drive)
Pandorum (hard drive)
Old School (hard drive)
Legion (hard drive)
Law Abiding Citizen (hard drive)
Knocked Up (hard drive)
Jenifers Body (hard drive)
Killers (hard drive)
I Love You Man (hard drive)
Twelve (hard drive)
Knight and Day (hard drive)
Hot Tub Time Machine (hard drive)
2012 (hard drive)
Eight Crazy Nights (hard drive)
Anchor Man (hard drive)
Avatar (hard drive)
Blade Trinity (hard drive)
Blades of Glory (hard drive)
Clash of The Titans 2010 (hard drive)
Couples Retreat (hard drive)
Dantes Inferno (hard drive)
Dare Devil (hard drive)
Fast and Furious (hard drive)
Grandmas Boy (hard drive)
Grown Ups (hard drive)
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (hard drive)

PLUS MUSIC but i am not going to type all that lol

: $450 obo
open to trades 2011-12-16 21.50.32.jpg 2011-12-16 23.36.58.jpg

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Pictures, please.

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added the pictures.

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wish i knew if my wife was getting me a ps3 for xmas!

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not parting out sorry

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anyone ?

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