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1)Install the AEM software to the laptop
2)Install the drivers from the disk
3)Connect usb to the fic and reflash it with the "x300" file, then the "Zxxx" files till z110

now the laptop will control the fic

Color Code:
L=light blue
(Color/Stipe) Ex: (R/B) (Red wire/Black Stripe)

Note: The wires have labels no need for a AEM FIC pin layout or a ecu pin layout b/c only one of these wires have these colors to them so u cant screw it up!!!

ALL WIRES ARE ON BIGGER ECU CLIP(except the power and grounds and tps)

1)Injectore #1(INJ 1IN):Intercept connection Ecu Pin 23 (R/B)
2)Injectore #2(INJ 2IN):Intercept connection Ecu Pin 42 (Y/B)
3)Injectore #3(INJ 3IN):Intercept connection Ecu Pin 22 (G/B)
4)Injectore #4(INJ 4IN):Intercept connection Ecu Pin 41 (L/B)
5) Connect the (INJ 1-4 OUT) out to the other side of intercepted wires

8 Wires down

6)Ignition Power(IGN PWR):Tap the Ecu Pin 120 or 119(R/G)
7)Power GND(PWR GND):Tap to Ecu Pin 115/116(B)
8)2nd Power GND(PWR GND):Tap to Ecu Pin 115/116(B)
9)Aux Input(AUX IN):Connect to white uego wire
10)Signal GND:(SIG GND): Tap to Ecu Pin 1(B)

Now you should turn on to see if all connections are working, if its not something is wrong. Note the guage screen, this is how i could tell if the plugs were right, the right 2 guages psi and uego should be at the current values(psi 14.7 and uego w/e the guage says)

12 wires down

9)Hall style sensor Cam 1 Output(CAM1 HALO+): Intercept connection Ecu pin 14(W/R)
10)Hall style sensor Crank Output(CRK HALO+):Intercept connection 13 (Y)
11)Connect the (CRK HALI+,CAM1 HALI+) out to the other side of intercepted wires
12)TPS input(TPS+):Tap the Ecu pin 106(W)

16 wires down
-Go to the laptop and do calibrations to get your RPM and TPS

13)MAF signal output (MAF OUT+): Intercept ecu pin 51(L/R)
14)Connect the (MAF IN+) to the other side of cut wire
15) O2 sensor 1(o21+): Tap into Ecu pin 16 (OR/L)

i have the ability to datalog, modify fuel, modify maf sensor signal, retard timing, make all adjustments based on voltage and psi up to 30 psi, modify my o2 sensor aka always make my car thinking its running good emissions(clamp voltage) and so much i bet i havnt had chance to do yet. i have some dataloggin if anyone wants to see it ill send to them. it tells me Time/s ,Engine Speed, Throttle, Fuel trim, Ignition timing, Maf in, Maf out, Battery, O2 bank1, O2 bank2, Engine Load, Sw 12Vdc, Inj1 %, Inj2 %, Inj3 %, Inj4 %, AEM UEGO Wideband and it samples the data every .01 seconds
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