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just a little thing i did back in the early spring:

vq swap with 2 14" fans set on the front. in traffic i couldnt run the a/c at a redlight for more than 30 sec without the needle moving up. this year i went to a local sheetmetal place and bought something called galvalum or something like that. its got the same lasting power as stainless without the price. i bought it in a 25-35 section and came home. tore the front end apart, got my air sheer and some measurements and went to work making a fan shroud with the least amount of space for air to get out before going through the rad. i spaced the fans out roughly 1" from the condenser and mounted the fans to the shroud. now there are no plastic zip tie things running through the core possibly causing a leak one day and my car can idle for who knows how long. i did a test a few weeks back and after letting it run for 25min sitting in the sun at 100* i grew tired of wasting the gas. for 20 bux it was well worth the time and effort.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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