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B15 Sunglass Holder Sharkey SAFC Pod and Black SAFC2

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Item Price: $200 Shipped
Item Condition: Used
Item Location: Norfolk, VA
Shipping Options: Local pick-up , Continental US , ALL US States & Territories
Acceptable Means of Payment: Paypal , Cash
My Name: Mike Nichols
Contact Information: PM or text 571-217-2175

Have a custom Sharkey SAFC pod that takes place of the sunglass holder and places the SAFC at an angled view towards the driver. Very nice piece. Comes with sunroof switch and bulbs with light covers. Small crack from tightening the mounting screw too tight but it is hardly noticeable. You will have to drill a hole in the metal bracket by the sunroof motor in order to mount this. Also have a black SAFC2 in great shape with full length harness.

Have no need for this anymore as I am upgrading to a realtime ecu when I swap the engine harness in my 01 VE'd SE.

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200 for the pod or everything?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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