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Who will be crowned B15U COTQ for Q1 2013

  • snugg05

    Votes: 6 4.7%
  • tacoerick

    Votes: 30 23.6%
  • drunkenmonkey

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • imJust

    Votes: 18 14.2%
  • shortcut10

    Votes: 19 15.0%
  • DirtySpec

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • L8YBUG

    Votes: 12 9.4%
  • Rob

    Votes: 11 8.7%
  • Evan

    Votes: 10 7.9%
  • D05

    Votes: 5 3.9%
  • GixxerSpecV

    Votes: 11 8.7%
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Snugg05: Hudson Valley, NY

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Bumper

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Rim

Auto part Engine Motor vehicle Automotive engine part Vehicle

Alright Here's a quick summary of my mods so far:

(in progress): High comp engine rebuild(QR20 Pistons, B16 Rods)
2JR: Intake plenum
Full exhaust(Header/Midpipe/Side exit)
CS pulley and PS pulley
Heavy duty Stage 2 clutch/Light weight flywheel
JWT: C1 Cams and Valve springs
Balance shaft removal kit

2JR: Panhard rod
Bent rear beam with toe correction
82mm Race studs
Delrin crossmember bushings
Bump steer kit V2
Fully heim jointed LCA with built in ALK and additional 10mm ALK
Delrin offset rear trailing arm bushings
20mm wheel spacers
rear sway bar
titanium lugnuts
Quick detach front alumilite splitter
Nismo: 17 inch wheels
BC Racing: 9k BR series front and rear
235/40/17 Goodyear F1s
2JR: Brass shifter bushings

Lemme know if there are any issues with the formatting, ect.

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Re: B15U COTQ - Q1 2013 Submissions

2004 Boosted Starfire pearl white sentra

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Wheel
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Trunk Family car

I have built this car over a 7 year period to be pleasing to the eye with its pearl paint job , fast with its turbo charged engine , and have put a good loud sound system for when cruising on the highway windows down . It has been my daily driver for 7 years . Here is a list of some of the mods

Quick summary :

2004 spec v with 120,000 miles
Painted beautiful pearl white
Nismo wing
Nismo wheels powdercoated flat black
BC racing inverted coilovers 8k
2j rear sway bar/ eibach front sway bar
Hertz audio component speakers running arc audio amps .
Viper smart start alarm with all 4 remote open/close windows .
Rebuilt engine frontier pistons/07 rods
07 Knife edged crankshaft
Jwt c1 cams
Balance shafts removed
Turbonetics Turbo kit
2j custom 3" exhaust
Optima yellow battery
Yakima roof rack with high roller bike racks and Thule kayak racks

Vote for me :)!!!!!!!!

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B15U COTQ - Q1 2013 Submissions

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Red

Vehicle Car Auto part Family car Steering wheel

Brief description of parts:
I/h/e, bsr,sts,throttle body mod, wheel hop aid, alk, accord lips both front and rear, apexi auto timer dropzone springs, 6000k hids, progessive rear sway bar, light weight crank and 2j powersteering pulleys, 2j rear bushings, Enkei evo 6 rims(Summer) w/ 25mm spacers, and some misc painting. Custom rear strut bar.
Rebuilt motor with b16 rods, pistons and crank. 50 trim turbo, 660cc injectors, custom downpipe, custom gauge pods, blacked out ic, wink mirror, molded from and rear lips, uprev tune, 2j stage 2 clutch and lightweight flywheel. Possibly jwt cams and valve springs depending on funds. Partial wire tuck

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat

2002 Sentra SE-R Spec V
Car: 139,000
Engine: 83,000 (05 Altima)
Molten Silver

AEM Cold Air
4-1 Megan Racing
Custom Side Exit Exhaust with a Turbo Magnaflow SS Res
Throttle Body Bypass
Wheel Hop Aide
2j Racing Anti Lift Kit
Balance Shaft Chain Cut
Prothane Solid Motor Mounts
Prothane Solid Tranny Mount
Slight wire tucks here and there (Thanks to Specv03)
Rear Sound Deadener Removed
2j Racing TRACK EDITION pulley
Hawk Pads
Technafit Clutch Line
Onderground Lip
I <3 Curbs Skirt Lip
Carbon Creations Hood
Robs Air Diversion Panel
2j Turcite X Shifter Bushings
Odyssey Battery
Faktion Short Shifter
NRG Weighted Carbon Knob
VIS Carbon Trunk
Varrstoen Lugs Nuts
04-06 Rear Bumper Cover
PMM Subframe Connector
Lower Tie Bar
Nismo Rear Sway Bar
CipherAuto 3 inch 4-point Harnesses
Corbeau Forza Suede Seat
Corbeau FX1 Fiberglass Back Seat
SAFC II Black Edition
Harness Bar
VMS Carbon Fiber Stubby
Lamin-x Yellow Fog Overlays
Ultra White LED, license plate surround, reverse, interior lights
6k HIDs (Hi/Lo)
3k HIDs (Fogs)
Nismo Mats
Hella Supertones
2 More sets of Kuo's Dress Up Bolts

Dec 12, 2011
Weight w/ full fluids w/o Driver

Later that night...
Weight w/ full fluids w/o driver

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Bumper
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Headlamp
Vehicle Car Engine Auto part Hood

Figured I'd finally give it a shot for once.... Not Turbo or High HP here, just a lot of FUN!!!

2003 Sentra SE-R Spec V
Car: 141k
Engine: 42,000 (Brandy New Nissan Reman)

Nismo Cold Air ended W/ ARC Box and Custom Heat Shield
DC Sports 4-2-1
Custom Full Exhaust Made from 3 Brands, Megan Cat-Back, Magnaflow High Flow Cat, Apex-i WS-II Muffler
Throttle Body Bypass
Timing Advance
Throttle Body Spacer
2j Racing Plenum
Wheel Hop Aide
2j Racing Anti Lift Kit
2j Racing Wheel Studs
2j Racing 10mm Spacers Front
2j Racing 15mm Spacers Rear
ES Motor Mount Inserts
RevAuto TQ Damper
Battery Relocated to trunk and positive Cable Tucked into the chassis not outside the bottom of the frame
2j Racing Red TRACK EDITION pulley
Technafit Clutch Line
Onderground Lip
BENEN Front Tow Hook(mounted to the Re-Bar like it should be lol)
Focal-X Wheels
Q45 Calipers
Speedzone Roof Spoiler
Nismo Neck Rests
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Greddy Air Diversion Panel
Nismo Lightened Titainium Knob
Eibach Rear Sway Bar
Innovate LC-1
Custom Shorty Antenna
Lamin-x Yellow Headlamp and Fog Overlays
Ultra White LED, license plate surround
6k HIDs (Hi/Lo)
3k HIDs (Fogs)
Nismo Mats
Sickspeed Supertones
Red Kuo's Dress Up Bolts

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files to big delete post lol i failed

well not the most recent but there she is...

A Special QR25DE from Nissan w/5w-40 grade oil (Royal Purple)
Removed A/C

K&N CAI (replaced custom SRI w/ oversized Filter)
DC Sports Race header
Tanabe Super Madlin Racing exhaust
2J Racing Racing Lightweight Pully (on kitchen table)
Rob's Air Division Panel
JWT BSR kit (not installed)
Red Top Battery

Bully Clutches Custom Organic/Kevlar Unsprung clutch kit
Fidanza 11lbs Flywheel
FI-R Shifter Bushings (Gen 1)
FI-R Sub-frame Bushings (Gen 1)
Prothain MM (replacing ES MMi)
ES rad bushings (bought from member)
Motul Trans Fluid

Nismo Hard Bushing kit (rear only)
Nismo Front Sway Bar
Progress Rear Sway Bar
Tein Basics 6/8 rates (have 6k for the rear if anyone wants them)
Vibrant Strut bar (had in garage from previous Sentra, see what I like better vs stock)
2J Racing 15mm ALK
Eibach Camber Bolts

Norther Performance Custom made SS Break lines (Gold fittings w/ Blue SS lines)
Brembo Break Pck
HAWK HP+ pads
M-Sport (Xtreme Stops) Rotors
Super Blue Racing Break Fluid (replaced MOTUL 5.1)

5Zigen FN01R-C (not the hot version)
5Zigen Pro Racer Lug Nuts
Bridgestone Potenza RE-011 235/40/17 (want a lighter tyre)
2J Racing 5mm & 20mm Spacers w/ Extended Nissan Studs
2J Racing ALK w/ Harden Bolts (on kitchen table)

Gutted rear interior
Removed Sunroof - Replaced w/ 2J Racing Lexan Panel
Headliner removed
Stereo Removed

Spearco Racing Seat
AutoMeter Tack w/ Shift light
SAFC II Fuel Controler
AEM Wideband Gauge
S13 gauge pod (I had an S13)

Car has been fitted with a widened body w/ widened front fenders, Racing Solutions B15 Side Skirts, 98 Toyota Corolla front fenders cut and welded over the rear wheel wells that have been modded to fit wider wheels. The car has a Sattin Black finish, removed spoiler, shaved antenna, removed all badges and trunk lock shaved.

http://www.b15u.com/member-rides-project-cars/29586-dirtyspec-06-spec-v-aka-black-panther.html (more recent pics)


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B15U COTQ - Q1 2013 Submissions

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Full-size car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Sedan

Vehicle Car Auto part Engine

417whp/380wtq on 15psi and intercooler sprayer
379whp without intercooler sprayer
302whp/273wtq on 7psi wastegate
Turbonetics 60-1 snail
Procharger 3" Intercooler
Custom built tubular top-mount mani/3in downpipe/external dump
Ajusa Hadgasket
ARP Headstuds
NX Intercooler Sprayer
Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc injectors
FI-R Nylatron Solid Motor Mounts
.99 cent BSR Mod courtesy of Trav's write-up
3" intercooler piping mostly welded (only has 4 couplers) including an integrated MAF flange
Tuned on E85 with AEM F/IC
Stainless 3" Downpipe
V-banded 3" side-exit exhaust w/ Magnaflow resonator
Removed Butterflies
TiAL MV-S Wastegate w/ 7lb Spring
TiAL Q Blowoff Valve
PTP Turbo Blanket
PTP Heat Wrapped Downpipe
Afco Racing Radiator w/ a pusher slim-fan
Return Fuel Conversion w/ AEM fpr
255lph Walbro
Manual Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
Alternator Relocate
Brake Boost Mod

Competition Clutch stage 3
N2MB Wotbox
$1.49 Short Shifter Mod
FI-R Shifter Bushings
TechnaFit Stainless Braided Clutch Line
Redline Shockproof Cocktail

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
Custom-Fabbed Trunk Bar
Akita AK-3 Wheels w/ 235/45/17 Nitto 555's
"Gobstopper" Split-5 Spokes w/ 245/45/17 Nitto NT01's
Eibach Camber Bolts @ -2.0*

VIS Carbon Fiber OEM Hood
VIS Carbon Fiber Trunk
Smoked Headlights/Foglights
30% Tint all around
Battery Relocate
Red Interior swapped from an 02 Blue SE-R
Crown Royal Shifter Boot (cuz dat's my shit!)
Center Bin Gauge Pod w/ Boost, Oil PSI, AFR, Shift Light
De-Badged except for door emblems
Washer Reservoir Delete
Gutted and Painted Trunk
Jensen Touchscreen Deck
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-Alpine CDA 9884 headunit
-TWM short throw shifter
-Stainless Steel Custom 2.5" catback
-DC Sports 4-2-1 headers
-Stage II Clutch
-Projector headlights with 8000k HIDs
-Fresh new Paint
-AEM wideband
-Robs Wheel Hop Aid
-SplitSecond FTC1
-2JR cranck and P/S pulley
-A Pillar gauge pod
-OutLaw Engeneering Thermal spacer kit
-D2 Racing RS series coilovers

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Dare I enter? Some B16 madness! Show some love!

Treadstone Turbo Kit consisting of:
Turbonetics 50 trim Journal Bearing Turbocharger.
Treadstone TR8 Intercooler.
Deutscheworks 600cc Injectors.
Treadstone 2.5" Downpipe.
Megan Racing 2.5" Mid-Pipe.
BRM 2.5" Catless Exhaust with 22" Magnaflow Resonator.
JR Customs Torque Damper.
Chromoly Steel Solid Transmission Mount.

Stillen Front Lip.
Custom Front Mesh Grille with SE-R Spec V Logos.
Paint Matched Foglight Covers.
Lamin-X Yellow Foglight Overlays.
2012 Spec V Headlights Retrofitted with FX35 Bi-Xenon Projectors.
OEM 4300K Phillips HID bulbs and 35w Ballasts.
LED Taillights.
35% Tinted Windows.
Removed Side Moldings.
De-badged Trunk.

Katzkins Black Leather and Suede Interior with Red Stitching (includes Front, Rear, & Door Cards).
Heated Front Seats.
Redline Goods Black Leather with Red Stitching Shift Boot.
Redline Goods Black Leather with Red Stitching E-Brake Boot.
Redline Goods Black Leather Armrest Cover.
AEM Boost & Wideband Gauges in Stock Gauge Location.
TWM Short Throw Shifter.
TWM Shifter Bushings.
TWM M1 Abrahams Satin Finish Weighted Shift Knob.

Wheels/Tires & Suspension:
2007 Nissan 350z 18x8 Wheels.
225/40/18 Kumho Sport Le Tires.
Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs.
Stillen Drilled Rotors & Metal Matrix Brake Pads.



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will i win, probably not but what the hell, anyway enjoy.
2006 Nissan Sentra SpecV
Bought new, currently 33,500 original miles, original motor
check out my show off thread for more pictures.

The Go

- Nismo Cold Air Intake with K&N high flow filter
- Nismo Header (catless)
- Nismo Catback exhaust
- 2j Racing "Hi Power" Intake Plenum w/ High Flow Fuel Rail
- Jim Wolf S1 Camshafts
- 440cc injectors
- Helix Throttle body spacer
- 2j Racing Underdrive PS pulley
- UR lightweight Crank Pulley
- Megan Racing Midpipe (resonator removed)
- Nology Hotwires
- Robs Air Diversion Panel
- SER oil and radiator caps
- Brembo brake Factory Option
- Mild Weight Reduction, Removed tool kit/jack/Spare tire
- Drag Cold forged Red Aluminum lug nuts

Future Plans: Uprev Tune, that will be it for a while as it's time to put some money into other things.

The Show

- Real Nismo Front Lip
- Real Nismo Rear Lip
- VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
- Depo LED Tails (recently removed back to stock)
- 20% Window tint all around
- AVS Ventshades
- Stock Painted wheels (06 spec black with 06 spec Red Pinstripe)
- 6000k HID headlights
- 3000k HID foglights
- LED platelights
- LED 7watt Reverse lights
- Nismo badge on front grill

Future plans: None as of now.

The Low

- Robs Wheel Hop Aids
- 2j Racing 5mm wheel spacers in rear
- 2j Racing 15mm ALK (Need to install)
- Eibach Pro kit Springs
- Eibach Pro Anti Roll kit
- Koni Yellow Shocks

Future Plans: Bigger wheel spacers.


- Alpine 7in DVD navigation
- All speakers replaced with Infinity reference 3ways, and tweeters with infinity reference also.
- 2 10in Rockford fosgate p2's Subs
- Alpine 750watt amp
- 4 red neons for a little glow at night (1 under each seat)
- Tripple pod with auto meter ultralight II's Oil Pressure, Air Fuel, Volts,
- Cobra Radar detector/compass

Future Plans: None as of now.


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