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B15U COTQ - Q2 2013 Winner - Connor (imJust)!

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Congratulations Connor!

Showoff page: http://www.b15u.com/member-rides-pr...-new-hampshire-imjust-*april-4th-update*.html


2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

AEM Cold Air
4-1 Megan Racing
Custom Mandrel Bent Side Exit Exhaust 2.5
Throttle Body Bypass
Wheel Hop Aide
2j Racing Anti Lift Kit
Balance Shaft Chain Cut
Prothane Solid Motor Mounts
Prothane Solid Tranny Mount
Slight wire tucks here and there (Thanks to Specv03)
Rear Sound Deadener Removed
2j Racing TRACK EDITION pulley
Hawk Pads
Technafit Clutch Line
Onderground Lip
I <3 Curbs Skirt Lip
Carbon Creations Hood
Robs Air Diversion Panel
2j Turcite X Shifter Bushings
Odyssey Battery
Faktion Short Shifter
NRG Weighted Carbon Knob
VIS Carbon Trunk
Varrstoen Lugs Nuts
04-06 Rear Bumper Cover
PMM Subframe Connector
Lower Tie Bar
Nismo Rear Sway Bar
CipherAuto 3 inch 4-point Harnesses
Corbeau Forza Suede Seat
Corbeau FX1 Fiberglass Back Seat
SAFC II Black Edition
Harness Bar
VMS Carbon Fiber Stubby
Lamin-x Yellow Fog Overlays
Ultra White LED, license plate surround, reverse, interior lights
6k HIDs (Hi/Lo)
3k HIDs (Fogs)
Nismo Mats
Hella Supertones
2 More sets of Kuo's Dress Up Bolts
Ksport Coilovers
82mm race studs
10mm in front, 32mm in rear
Stripped and Gutted Interior
Other stuff I can't remember..

show status.

proof of show status

daily status banger.

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I guess simplicity wins, congrats.

So let me get this straight, to win you have to be either simple and lowered or taco-ed? lol
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Or fast as tits.
I'm looking at you, Rey.
That is fuccing disturbing......
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