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Let's see if I can stir up the pot get some more submissions.
04 Silver Spec v,
Mods Include
AEM Cold Air Intake,
Apexi World Sport II cat-back exhaust,
DC Sports 4-2-1 racing Header,
Cat delete,
2J racing Crank Pully,
2J Racing Power steering Pulley,
2J Racing Short Throw Shifter,
2J Racing Shifter Bushings,
2J 10mm ALK Spacers,
2J 5mm wheel spacers
ES MMI's and Lower Control Arm Bushings,
Greddy Air Diversion Panel,
Tein S-Tech Springs
Drag DR-19 Wheels with Continential Extreme Contact DWS tires.
Nismo Carbon Fiber shift knob,
Alpine IVA D-310 flip out DVD,
Pioneer TS-G 6.5" interior speakers.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Full-size car Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Full-size car Family car

Now let's see some more action

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-Turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim F1-57 .63, ball bearing with 90* elbow made
-Treadstone TR8 intercooler with custon ducting
-2" hot side, 2.5" cold intercooler piping
-Hargett quick disconnect couplers on all piping (cleaner look, no flex, turbo spools slightly quicker)
Tial wastegate
-Synapse blow off valve
-Port matched turbo manifold
-Synaptic3 lower and upper torque mounts
-Treadstone 2.5" downpipe
-Treadstone 3" midpipe
-BRM 3" stainless exhaust, single tip (wanted dual tip )
-S-MAX catch can
-Battery relocated to trunk with a custom mount
-DEI turbo blanket, and wrap on downpipe
-2JR lightweight crank pulley
-PLX gauges in stock dual cluster location
**Fuel Pressure
**Oil Pressure
-HKS EVS boost controller
-Mishimoto radiator with hoses
-Dual Setrab oil coolers in foglight locations with ducting
-TWM short throw shifter and bushings
-Clutchmasters 350ft lbs clutch
-Custom CJ motorsports fuel rail
-ID1000 injectors
-Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump in a modified 350Z canister to accept the fuel return line
-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
-Aeromotive fuel filter (100 micron mesh)
-All lines except stock sender lines are steel braided

-Tweeds braces
**Strut Bar
**Trunk Brace
**Rear Sway Bar

-Projector Retrofit H1 D2S w/ gatling shrouds
LED map, dome, and trunk light

In process of being installed

Volk TE37SL Black Edition 18x9 +45
BC racing coilovers 8k springs DONE
2J 82mm wheel studs, lug nuts, and shift knob DONE
Racingline endlinks DONE
HKS turbo timer
T1R exhaust hangers


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where are the volks?
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Custom Cold Air Intake with catch can
Delete PVC valve
Delete Carpet
Amp meter with Vac gauge
Dual XDM-6820
Gutted trunk
Ebay retro tail lights
MB wheels Icon 15 inch with Falken Ziex ze-612
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Auto part Engine

Vehicle Car Automotive tire Bumper Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Alloy wheel
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70k mile stock motor
2j stage2 clutch
14 lbs flywheel
Polyurethane motor mounts
Balance shaft removal kit
New passenger side mount
Port and polish intake manifold
Slim radiator fans
1.9 bar radiator cap
Garrett 57 trim .63 ar turbo
Protech 3 inch down pipe
Protech 3 inch midpipe
Custom 3 inch catback with magnaflow muffler
Treadstone turbo exhaust manifold
Turbonetics wastegate 6psi spring
Turbo xs rfl blowoff valve
Ebay front mount intercooler
Vibrant manual boost controller
Bosche 706 cc injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Uprev tuned with 5 maps
Throttle body spacer
UR Crank pully

BC racing coilovers 10k springs all around
5zigen fn01r-c
235/40/17 fuzion zri tires
(2) 5mm and (2) 15 mm wheel spacers
2J rear sway bar
10 mm Anti lift kit
Brembo front brakes
Solid crossmember bushings
Front Sway bar endlink bushing
UR racing room bar
Cipher harness bar
2J extended wheel studs
2J lug nuts
2J Short throw shifter
2J shifter bushings
Nismo shift knob
Nismo rep front lip
Custom front grill
Greddy air deflector
AFR, boost, oil pressure gauges
Gutted interior – 2540 lbs (with turbo)
Sunroof delete

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Sedan
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Full-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Automotive design
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive lighting


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Okay i will give this a try. I don't have many high-res newer pictures of my car. I read the rules and didn't see anything about this in it, so i'll give it a shot. Here's three of my favorite pictures of my car (all taken by me) from over years of owning it. They will be posted oldest (Rolling shot) to newest (Nismos) Enjoy.

First the 'mod list' I will just list anything i can remember and not in any sort of order haha.

2j stuff;
-Stage 2 clutch and lightweight flywheel
-PS pulley
-High power plenum
-2.5 midpipe
-2.5 stainless Magnaflow w/ dual tip muff

Everything else
-ebay header. (stillen rusted out. 2j hi power awaiting install)
-Brian Crower stage 2 cams
-UR crank pulley
-JWT balance shaft removal
-Travis's(?) Shifter bushings
-TWM short shifter adapter
-Tein Basic coilovers
-Nismo wheels w/ Nitto neogens
-CF Seibon hood
-CF Syndicate Kustoms front lip/splitter (Yes it's real)
-CF rear lip. (racing solutions rep?)
-Rally Armor flaps
k im done trying to remember haha. Here's the pictures.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Full-size car
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Headlamp Automotive design
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Alloy wheel

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Danny's Little sentra

Well here it is! I know it's not the fastest or the prettiest car, but I built it exactly how I wanted it and that's why I love my spec V!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Compact car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Hood
Pipe Exhaust system Automotive exhaust Steel casing pipe Auto part

Mod List:

Megan Racing headers
CAI w/Fram Filer
Megan Racing Axle Back Exhaust
3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrapped hood
2j-Racing shift bushings
Razo Shift Knob
Carbon Fiber Vinyl shift boot
Stage 3 clutch
Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
MLS Head Gasket
Nismo floor mats, oil cap and radiator cap
Tanabe Lowering springs
Drag DR-9 17" Wheels
HID Headlights
Yellow Lamin-X fog lights
Some random front lip that I found on ebay that I really liked
aaand a lot into the stereo.. I mean a lot

There's a few more little things that i know i'm forgetting but oh well.

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Nice clean car man.


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I'm sad now :(
The bad part is, last time, there was only one car I voted for over yours also Lol

I really don't like the b16s, especially the interior. The exterior has grown on me, but I would pick a nice b15 any day.

That being said your car is bad-fucking-ass
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