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Congrats Lee!

Showoff page: http://www.b15u.com/threads/20225-Nerdbot-04-Supercharged-Sunburst-Spec-V-Regina-Sk


Mod list:

-RevAuto Procharger Supercharger Kit
-Procharger C1A head unit with 2.25" pulley (14-16 PSI) - Haven't pushed it higher than 6300 RPM but the math says I can spin to 6800 RPM (I'm a puss)
-2.5" Hot side piping
-3"Cold side piping
-Big ass intercooler
-Greddy Type RS BOV
-Obnoxious Motorsports Vacuum block
-JE Forged 9.0:1 Pistons w/JE ring set
-2JR H-Beam forged rod set (700WHP)
-ACL Main Bearings
-ACL Rod Bearings
-OEM Thrust Washer
-B16 QR Head bolts
-New front timing cover/oil pump
-New timing tensioner/guides/chain
-JWT Balance shaft removal kit
-New front and Rear Main seals
-OEM Main bolts
-OEM rebuild kit (Nissan steel gaskets)
-Ajusa 3 layer head gasket
-A/C Delete kit
-2JR Stage II clutch
-OEM TO bearing
-OEM Flywheel bolts
-Bosch 550 dual spray pattern injectors with PnP clips
-2JR ECU UpRev Reflash
-JWT S1 camshafts
-Hightemp primer/painted/DHT header wrapped HotShot header
-Prothane motor mounts
-Robs Wheel Hop Aids
-2JR Anti-Lift Kit
-BC Racing Suspension Coilovers
-2JR Lightweight Power Steering Pulley
-OBX-R Lightweight Crank Pulley
-3” Stromung Midpipe
-ProSport Oil Pressure/Water Temp/Boost Gauge
-AEM Wideband
-“Sharky’s” Bin pod for SAFCII
-Nismo/Rays Gramlight 57C wrapped in 235/45/17 Cooper RS3 rubber

For aesthetics I've added a 1993-1994 Honda Accord Type R lip

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I was hoping this car won or castros white spec v!!


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Well deserved win.

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Thanks everyone :)

I can't wait to show you 2014's plans as soon as the snow melts. Spring can't come fast enough!

I'm working with Procharger to have a custom pulley made to hopefully build 16-18 psi of boost at 6800 RPM safely with the blowers internals. 15-16psi was made at 6300 RPM with the 2.25" pulley. It's also time to fix up some bugs with the exhaust and suspension pieces. Should be an interesting time.

Once again thanks for the support everyone!


Canada ftmfwbtw.

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