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Congrats Lee!

Showoff page: http://www.b15u.com/threads/20225-Nerdbot-04-Supercharged-Sunburst-Spec-V-Regina-Sk


Mod list:

-RevAuto Procharger Supercharger Kit
-Procharger C1A head unit with 2.25" pulley (14-16 PSI) - Haven't pushed it higher than 6300 RPM but the math says I can spin to 6800 RPM (I'm a puss)
-2.5" Hot side piping
-3"Cold side piping
-Big ass intercooler
-Greddy Type RS BOV
-Obnoxious Motorsports Vacuum block
-JE Forged 9.0:1 Pistons w/JE ring set
-2JR H-Beam forged rod set (700WHP)
-ACL Main Bearings
-ACL Rod Bearings
-OEM Thrust Washer
-B16 QR Head bolts
-New front timing cover/oil pump
-New timing tensioner/guides/chain
-JWT Balance shaft removal kit
-New front and Rear Main seals
-OEM Main bolts
-OEM rebuild kit (Nissan steel gaskets)
-Ajusa 3 layer head gasket
-A/C Delete kit
-2JR Stage II clutch
-OEM TO bearing
-OEM Flywheel bolts
-Bosch 550 dual spray pattern injectors with PnP clips
-2JR ECU UpRev Reflash
-JWT S1 camshafts
-Hightemp primer/painted/DHT header wrapped HotShot header
-Prothane motor mounts
-Robs Wheel Hop Aids
-2JR Anti-Lift Kit
-BC Racing Suspension Coilovers
-2JR Lightweight Power Steering Pulley
-OBX-R Lightweight Crank Pulley
-3” Stromung Midpipe
-ProSport Oil Pressure/Water Temp/Boost Gauge
-AEM Wideband
-“Sharky’s” Bin pod for SAFCII
-Nismo/Rays Gramlight 57C wrapped in 235/45/17 Cooper RS3 rubber

For aesthetics I've added a 1993-1994 Honda Accord Type R lip
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