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Whose car kicks ass?

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  • drkness04specv

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  • MisterNuts

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  • Nerdbot

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  • SIX47

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  • castrob15

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  • 06calispecv

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  • funguy26

    Votes: 8 11.3%
  • Evan

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because every body's cars looks like this

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Sedan
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I have a 02 black spec-v

- built qr25de
- wisco 8:5:1 pistons
- k1 rods
- 07+ crank
- bc stage 2 cams
- bc valve springs and retainers
- ported lower intake without power valves
- deka 630cc injectors
- precision 5858E turbo
- cast turbo manifold
- tial sport 38mm waste gate open dumped
- full 3" turbo back to custom side exit
- winter driftz 17x7 wheels
- track drag 17x7.5 wheels with r-comps
- z32 big brake in the front with hawk hps pads
- rear brake upgraded to brembo rear brakes
- 5mm front spacers 10mm spacers in the rear with 55mm extend studs
- tein as coilovers
- 06 ecu swap uprev tuned
- maps r
7 psi 7k rev
10 psi 7k rev
15 psi 7k rev
Gas saving
Anti thrift
- pro sport boost gauge
- pro sport water temp gauge
- pro sport oil pressure gauge
- zeitronix wideband with LCD screen
- wrx harness bar
- 3" six point harness on driver seat
- battery relocated
- 12" red slim fans

Daily wheels

Will get engine pic tomorrow


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2004 Trackwerks SER SpecV

4-1 header
Megan Midpipe
Apex'i WS2 cat back
Royal Purp 5w30
AEM Uego wideband, AEM oil pressure, Autometer volt
Tein Super Street coilovers
Eibach FSB
ES mm
ACT clutch
2J 14lb flywheel
2J shifter bushings
Brembo blanks
Hawk HPS pads
SS brake lines
Super blue fluid
H&R 15mm spacers x4
H&R 55mm extended studs
Mach 1 front lip
Evo 8/9 side skirt extentions
RS rear lip
16x7/16x8 +32 IMPUL R5 (built by BBS 1989) Refinished barrels flat black, black centers and refinished silver IMPUL bolts
205/45/16 Falken 912s
17x7.5 +40 Work Emotion XD9 in silver
225/45/17 Nankang NS-2s
OEM 02/03 SpecV wheels with Toyo 215/45/17 winter tire setup
Moteki long open ended lugs
Nardi deep core 330mm steering wheel/NRG 2.5 quick release and NRG hub
Hella Supertones
TWM neo chrome weighted shift knob
JVD headunit, Alpine 6.5" x4
MTX 10" sub and amp.
Weathertech window visors
Rallyamour mudflaps
3k HID fogs



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^hmmm verry niiice :arms:
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I think we should close this up one week from today @ midnight Friday Dec 13th and begin voting for the 2013 B15U Q4 car of the quarter.
2005 BrokeDick SpecV

Blown headgasket mod
Two-tone paint job
Headlight removal weight reduction mod
1320: ∞ sec @ 0mph

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Oh Jesus :facepalm:
Put a damn cover on that thing or at least cover up the block.

Where the fuck do you live?? Kazakhastan??

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What, you don't like Korky Buchek?
Q4 is racist to owners in cold, salt, snow lands...
Q4 is racist to owners in cold, salt, snow lands...
Post your summer time pics ya puss
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Ryan is like "I don't need any fuccing words to win this bytch. BOOM mudda-fuccers!!!" LOL
Hahaha I wish I could give you a high five right now bro, that just made me lol hard!!!
Hahaha I wish I could give you a high five right now bro, that just made me lol hard!!!
The automagics have to stick together
Oh shyt. I didn't see that you're a SE-R as well.
Yeh, fuc the spec-v's. SE-R for LIFE!!!!!
Mine should be running in a week or so... Maybe I'll enter.
I don't have internet anymore I've been living off of my IPhone haha. Time to go visit the parents :)
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