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Haven't got on here for dinosaur ages. Sorry guys, I have been away for b15 scene for a while and not owning a single b15 anymore. However, I am still having a Sentra and it is a B13 SE-R this time. Really don't have much time to work on my car since I am still in the service right now, therefore, I really don't have much time on forum :ugh:

Anyway, all the TDMimports products are still available on our website and I am currently talking to some manufacturers that possible can make other stuff for b15 guys and other Nissan folks. Hopefully some of the plans will fall through :rolleyes:
If you want to get hold of me, email is the best and fastest way that can reach me now. ([email protected])

This is my current ride, and yes all the suspension parts that you can imagine are all TDMimports with some JDM parts that I haven't got time to install yet. We even have 5 lug kit for b13 now:47:
Car next to me is JDM Primera owned by my brother. If I have chance I will post up that vehicle, it has sr20vet <= real vet off x-trail with p12 6spd tranny and countless JDM stuff on his car...

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