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1995 Tercel - QR25DE
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Hello guys,

I have a QR25DE in my 1995 Toyota Tercel, currently have the Toyota Sending unit, with 2x Ford Mustang Pumps, all wired to the Sentras Rear Harness
(Context asside)

I get a CEL for "fuel temperature sensor 'A' circuit voltage fell below calibrated limit specifications during the self test" i still have my old Pump assembly from the Sentra Spec-V - its a 5 Pin plugan di have the sensor - but i didnt want to jsut dump the sensor in the fuel tank and have "stupid" wires dangling inside the fuel tank

I read the Engine Control System - EC-1439 and i dont see it causing any issues if the ECM is missing the FTT Sensor,
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Does Anyone know if this could cause problems missing Fuel Temp Sensor ?

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Yes, what will happen, no clue as it's the first that this has come up to my knowledge.

Any issue with this is all pump assembly stuff that was never noticed by me but I would just secure the sensor and wires to the assembly you have already and call it a day. It's not going to explode, insulate it with the proper items and move on.
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