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I'm probably reviving an old thread here but it's a good thread. I'm giving my advice to someone that is somewhsomewhat mechanically inclined. DONE DO THIS if you don't have ALL the tools listed. DON'T cut corners, do it right the first time. Word of advice on stripped head bolts/studs. I had one that stripped out that ALREADY had a helicoil installed. I didn't want to install another helicoil. My father knew about Time-serts and recommend I look into it. They are wayyyy better IMHO. I purchased the Big-Sert kit that was specifically designed for head bolts that previously had a thread repair. This drills out the hole, tap it and then inot all the insert with red lock tight and wait 24hrs to cure. Worked like a charm and held 110ft/lbs. I cannot stress enough about your timing marks. Take all the advice above, I used pink nail polish and marked 3 teeth on each sprocket. Cheers!
141 - 144 of 144 Posts