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We've all been there. Check engine light (SES/Service Engine Soon) blaring on the corner of your eye in the dash. You know, that light you've been ignoring for a while and hoping that every time you get in the car that it would be off. Well it's not. So here you are, trying to figure it out. The light will tell you that you might have a potential problem, but you won't know what the problem could be until you pull the code. You can pull it via going to Autozone/Kragen or something like that and have them pull it for you (they have scanners). You can also purchase an inexpensive scanner and do it yourself; however, being frugal you'd like to do it yourself. Well Nissan built a system where you can read your codes by doing a set of accelerator pedal actions that will make the light blink. The blinking will blink corresponding to a code.

Here's more info about it:


So there you have it. Please do all of us a favor who are trying to help you diagnose a problem and pull the codes first before actually posting a thread about a check engine light. Some of us are pretty good about it. Some of us are even geniuses, but for pete's sake we are not mind readers. Thank you for reading and have a good day :).
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