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Cluster Surround Trim/ Walbro 190LPH For Sale

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Up for sale- my parts I am never going to use. These are priced to go. I swear I always sell stuff for way too cheap, but I own a sentra just like you. PM me for paypal or if you have questions. I am located relatively close to Louisville,KY.

1.Steering column cover/cluster surround(i have this one because sharkey made a custom one for me)- 30 picked up or 45 shipped
Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle door Spoiler

2. Walbro 190(BRAND NEW)-55$ Shipped
Auto part Muffler Cylinder Fuel pump

Thanks and have a great day.
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Dang I really want that safc! Why did I have to go pick up those rims last night :( GLWS unless you'd be interested in a trade for rims…:nervous:
Not lookin to mess with the spec anymore, what kinda rims did you get though?
I understand, just thought I'd throw it out there lol. They're enkei dm5's with nexen 3000's on em that have some camber wear and missing center caps. Price seemed right for backups/emergency rims.
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Is be all over the nismo exhaust if you ship
where are you located? nisssssmmooo
I am located relatively close to Louisville,KY.
Let me know if you will ship really want exhaust.
Just got ***** on a meet halfway deal, 2 hours and 30$ in gas, thats what I get for being nice I guess. Someone come pick up this bullshit for less than the scrapmetals worth.
Someone grab that exhaust, paid $300 for mine used that's an awosome
Deal at half of what I paid and it sounds like pure sex, everyone seems to be giving up on there spec's....
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Yea it was on the car when I bought it at 80k miles,don't know how long the original owner had it on there. had it on for like 10k miles then I went 3" exhaust. Also got a stock front sway bar if someone wants to pick it up for free.
If I was closer I'd pick up the exhaust and midpipe. Someone pick these things up! You'll regret it if they get recycled.
I know you said you only want to pick up, but I'd seriously be interested in the exhaust if you were willing to ship. Pm me if you up for it
I would consider the Nismo exhaust. How far is Louisville from Dallas Texas?
Holy crapper Batman it's 14 hours away! Scratch that! Unless you are willing to ship and I pay extra for the effort?
Fuck you jackass I just bought a Nismo intake! I would have totally wanted this one for that price! Why is that everytime I'm looking for something I can never find it when I have money and then when I finally buy it and I'm broke a whole bunch pop up for less? *sigh*
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