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I know this info is here somewhere but I Have searched and got dead links or not the info I need

I installed header and put the O2 sensor in the top bung on the header like in the original mani

I left the 2nd bung hole blocked and didnt touch the 2nd o2 sensor.

I am gathering the 2nd o2 is the issue now and getting a reading it doesnt like now that the big piece of junk is gone and header is in its place.

so where or what is this defouler and can I drive the car as it is now until I get what I need? it runs fine but I dont want to screw it up. its not my main car and I can drive my charger if I need too.

I just need to find the info on the "defouler" or whatever I need to be doing

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Auto parts store has them, different sizes but it looks like this
Fluid Finger Font Cylinder Service

Should have longer versions and the correct pitch thread. Worse case you can order one from multiple places that are angled.
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