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Cut about 14 inches out of this section
2016-01-14 11.58.32.jpg

The new vibrant resonator (pn 1790) is 12" long.

Also wanted to add some clearance over the Scott Russell link. The exhaust had been hitting on this part over heavy bumps or whenever I hauled more stuff/ people in the car. If I'm ever to lower the car, there needed to be more clearance. The crappy part is that I had a screw jack under the RR strut compressing the suspension when I made the exhaust, but it still wasn't enough.
2016-01-14 11.55.54.jpg 2016-01-14 11.56.22.jpg

This is where it's located
2016-01-14 11.54.59.jpg

And here it is
2016-01-14 11.55.21.jpg

I need to take it back of, clean up the welds, and possibly paint it. The welds look way worse than the mig welds did. I have just put it on to check for leaks (none), and drove it to work. From what I can tell inside the car, the buzzing is gone. Unfortunately the exhaust is extremely quiet to my standards.

It's SO nice to not hear the exhaust hitting the suspension.

Stay tuned for a more detailed driving impression.

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Back to the goal criteria

1 Sound cool - I think it sounds fine! You can be the judge. Not exceptional, but there are no offensive sounds (buzz, rasp, etc.). Its very deep and quiet. SUCCESS!

This is my phone in its holder, with a view of my broken console bin. Sorry its quiet, best I've got right now! Turn up the volume!

1st and 2nd gear, spinning my snow tires on roads that have been graveled.

Cambered on ramp, 2nd-3rd.

2 Don't annoy wife - Its quiet enough that she doesn't care at all... SUCCESS!

3 Fit good - Fixed the contact with the rear link (see above pictures). HUGE improvement to not have to hear that, I'd say the fitment is a SUCCESS!

4 Performance - Who knows? If I had to estimate, I'd say I picked up 4.5 whp, which is impossible to know by driving it LOL. SUCCESS!

5 Look cool (to me) - It looks great. The Evo2, to me, is one of the only ricer cans that fits this car very well. If I didn't have this muffler I'd go for one that's more shaped like a Nismo or similar.

Final thoughts: Probably wouldn't do this again. Knowing that I will not be needing the extra flow to support more power anytime soon, I think I could have saved the hassle and just bought one quality performance muffler to replace the stock one. It would have been cheaper and less work and might have made 2.5 whp less lol.

That said, I'm glad its done and met all my expectations. Glad it will make some good noise on the track instead of buzzing!
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