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I know its an topic, but anyways, been messing around this quarantine and found an option, there's some cutting & triming need it

Tools used
  • Angle cutter & cutting wheel
  • Flat sharpening file
  • Drill & drill bits for metal 4mm and 5mm
  • Marker (your choice on the colour)
  • The good ol' 10mm and a wrench
  • A pair of 1/4 x 1 1/2 bolts/screws with nuts & washers
  • Masking tape
  • The superglue of your choice, I used Loctite 495
  • Silicone sealant, I got some Würth windscreen sealant

1.- Find a set of mirrors from a Nissan Pulsar N16 (aka Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, Nissan Almera Classic, Renault Samsung SM3)


DO NOT YEET THE OE MIRRORS, the rubber gasket on them is needed to keep and improve the seal between both pieces

Also, not sure if the oem wiring harness allows the operation of the folding motors on each mirror, so, I choose the "semi electric" mirrors (electric adjustment and manual folding), besides, this mirrors let me keep the original mirror control. This "swap" also work with manual mirror models, the doors and dash came with the harness already installed, you just need the control + mirrors, looke fot the combo on the donor car

2.- Start measuring and get a template, once you get it, cut and trim most of the "nervs" on the back side of the mount, go easy on it, trim and test fit the base until you get the fitment you want


2.2.- When you look for the parts, make sure you don't get the "square" plugs... but in case you just send it and failed (like I did) keep the sentra mirror's, you can just rewire them to fit the door plugs (photo of the wrong ones)


3.- To relocate the top bolt/screw, locate the hole right down bellow the stock screw that came with the base, measure depth and drill it it with the 4mm drill bit, put some supleglue on the hole and place the screw, let it sit to dry and go on


4.- Trim the existing holes of the stock mirror until you get something like this (enough to place the modified base on the oem bolt location)


5.- Time for test fitting! Plug them and test if everything works, in my case, it was a guess and try game...


If you got luckier and found the mirrors in the same colour as your car, bravo, you nailed it! Think I'll go whit black mirrors to match the tint and b pillars

6.- Clean the surface of the pillar, gasket and mount to get a nice result, put them together and tighten the nuts, mask the edges and apply the sealant from the upper end down to the water drain on the mounts if needed, this helps to reduce risk of water damage and wind noise, plus, the silicone and the plastic on the base are black, for a more "factory" finish


Hope this was helpfull for everyone whos tired of smashed mirrors!

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I'll be moving this to the how-to section later today.
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Cool, just an fyi, this was covered about 2 decades ago. And Altima or Maxima mirrors fit.

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I know, read it before, but here where i live, those models aren't available

Shhhhyyyyyyyyyyyttt I'll take a re-up of some old modded shit any day!

Good stuff bruh!
Hahaha thnx man, I think its a good idea, so, why not share it?
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