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Hey guys whats up. Picked up some stuff from my local hardware store and decided to make my own license plate relocator for under $8.00.

Heres some stuff you need.

1. I used a Stanley National Corner Brace 3" The Hardware Hut - Product #STA-N266-395 - Stanley/National 115BC 3" (76mm) Corner Brace - EACH (Zinc Plated) - but you can use whatever size you desire if you want it higher and whatnot.

2. A pack of four license plate fasteners... I used plastic ones (Link below)
Plastic License Plate Screws, Black # 93342 by Custom Accessories

3. A 3/4 to 1/2 inch screw. Prob size 8-10 or so (Not really too sure :/)

4. Philips screw driver/Electric

I started by mounting up the bracket and lining the bracket with the bottom of the fender. I marked where I wanted to drill with a sharpie and made a hole for the bracket. I then lined up the bracket and drilled it to the car. I made sure the screw was tight so it would not fall out.

After the bracket/brace was on I bolted up my license plate with the Plastic fasteners.

And here is the end result! Hope that helps as a first write up!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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