Everything must go sale.

Tial 38mm wastegate. New diaphragm, New aluminum crush washers. Slight grind on housing was there when I bought it. Did not effect functionality. I believe there are combined 14lb springs in it. I ran it with no issues. 150.00 shipped

Light Automotive tire Gas Bumper Camera accessory
Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Machine Auto part

JWT Lightened Flywheel. Would replace the Friction surface. Sold and Shipped
Automotive tire Bicycle part Crankset Motor vehicle Gear

Five-O 1000cc @ 43.5 PSI injectors Bosch EV-14 PN# 026U1000
Latency [email protected]
Resistance 12.5Ohms
20% drop /-1Volt
at 20 psi I had some head room left if I remember correctly. One of the injectors needs a Oring seat. I did howerver run it without. 200.00 shipped
Wood Art Toy Indoor games and sports Table

For you guys that want to try an electric power steering pump.... The go to volvo pump with harness attachments. Sold and Shipped
Automotive tire Engineering Gas Machine Auto part

Rear Calper Brackets for brembo upgrade. 40.00 +shipping
Automotive tire Wood Bicycle part Electrical wiring Gas

A piece of History. Protech Turbo Mani and Downpipe modded for 3" Vband. Needs some TLC, there is a crack between runner 3 and 4 but a good welder can fix it for cheap. 250.00 +shipping
Wood Gas Window Font Human leg

T04E Compressor housing from a GT35R .50AR 3" inlet 2" outlet, T3 Turbine housing from a GT35R .63AR 3" V-band Exhaust Side 100.00 + Shipping for
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Gas Cameras & optics
Automotive tire Tire Adhesive Tread Rim