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I will posting more current pics in a few weeks. I have some new mods to showcase and what not.

Mods as of 3-25-13

Under the hood:
Nismo cold air intake
Nismo cat-back
eBay header
2J-Racing lightweight crank pulley
port matched throttle body
throttle body bypass
knock sensor relocation
Energy Suspension motor mount inserts
$4 wheel hop aid
NGK iridium plugs
Shuriken 13lb. battery

Exedy oem clutch
Redline MT-90 gear oil
$4 short shifter
2J-Racing stg2 brass shift bushings

BC Racing 8kg/mm full sleeve coilovers
Megan front upper strut brace
Ultra Racing 4 point trunk brace
2J-Racing anti lift kit
2J-Racing 50mm race studs (rear only)

BuddyClub P1 sf 17x7
Kumho Ecsta 215/45
Muteki SR48 open ended Burning Blue lug nuts
2J-Racing 5mm wheel spacers

Custom ugly trailer ball shift knob
Alpine head unit with iPod interface

Weight Loss:
Full gutted trunk
Rear bumper beam
Windshield washer reservoir
Radiator overflow
Carpet strip
Splash guards
Fender liners

Future mods:
Ultra Racing 4 point front brace
Better sway bars
300zx brake conversion
3" side exit exhaust

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Looks good man. Are you lowered? Clean up your engine a little man. Show the QR some love...

Keep us posted on the future mods.

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May I ask why you went with an aftermarket strut tower bar?
The Megan strut bar adds 40whp over the oem one. Lmao, no it was on there from the previous owner. I don't know why either. I had the Megan strut bar and Nismo exhaust when I bought it, everything else I did.

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Got the BC's in Thursday. Install was under 2 hours. Took me another hour or two in fine adjustments with the ride height, pulling out my fender well liners, and other stuff. Lol the rear was tucked like 2" with the ride height setting out of the box. But honestly when I test drive it like that it still felt great. That just goes to show the superiority of these coilovers. The design is so simple too. It's pretty much a threaded shaft about 6-8" long that the springs sit on. All you do is turn the threaded core or shaft to raise or lower. Spring settings don't even get messed with.

I'll have the old setup for sale now. I'll make a separate thread for them. Here's some pics.

Old Tein/KYB setup.

New 8kg/mm BC racing BR series full sleeved coilovers.

And my son modeling this ride like a gangsta


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The shittiest video ever thanks to me spilling my dip cup at launch, and a slow ass yahoo impeding the flow of my traffic. The squat is almost unnoticeable. Pay attention to the angle of the hanging flash drive, I almost got it parallel with the horizon lol. I will make another video of parallel flash drive.... shortly before I flip.

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/awu42ttN_Iw" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" width="425"></iframe>
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