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[Copied and posted from original] I am helping to get these out there to those that dont see the origional thread. Please make all inquiries to B15azn Not me. Thank you.

The group buy for the TDM imports coilovers has now started and will end on September 19 2011. Estimated delivery date is the middle of October. The sooner the order is filled up, the earlier you get the items as they are made and shipped according to the completion of the group buy.

This straightforward group buy requires a waiting period of 2 months as they are made hot fresh from the factory; the first month is for production and the second month is for shipment(lower prices for everyone) .

This set of coilovers can be fully customized as per request (i.e different spring rates and valving. Note: the customization of camber plate is excluded), the customizing of spring colors are still in the process of negotiation. An update to the product, the top mount of the coilovers will be modified to be similar of that to D2 and BC top mount instead of the previous stock look version.

Also the studs for attaching the coilovers to the body will be extended for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, ABS brackets will also be added and all these add-ons and updates will not affect any performance or safety aspect of the coilovers.

Buyers will get one year limited factory warranty as long the strut is not altered in anyway, (i.e. strut itself cannot be opened) in simple terms, please contact me first before you try anything otherwise warranty will be voided, no exceptions.

Important: The group buy is only for the first 30 orders, once the list is full, the price of coilovers will revert to the original retail price of US$869.99 shipped. So grab them now!

The coilover package are as follows, 1 set of coilovers(2 front+2 rear), 1 set of adjusting spanner wrenches, 1 instruction manual and decals

The price are as follows:

US$729.99 shipped to the Lower 48 states. (other areas, please contact me.)

Payment options: Paypal(please add the Paypal fee or send the money as a gift), certified money order or Cash. No Checks. Pm me for more details.

Payment has to be received before the group buy closes, no calls or dibs, first payment, first serve. I will create a list as the number of buyers increases and once you see the list is getting full, say around 25 orders, please pm me before making payment.

Product Info:

Mono-tube(single tube) filled with Nitro

Non inverted design

8 ways or 16 ways adjustment on dampering

Springs are made of SAE9254 high strength, durable steel

Made from high quality T6061 aluminum with T6 for increased hardness

* Most coilovers on the market commonly use T6, if you ever come across one with T7, they are of really good quality; in contrast the price shoots up in that aspect.

Any other questions or doubts, you are welcome to pm me. Thank you.

If you are in please helpe me updated if you could :d thank you.

1. b15xg paid, b15u, f/8k r/6k
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