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Gettin' My Car "Dynoed" After Work

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Wassup Guys,
Today after work, my co-worker a "Honda Head with a K swapped hatchback" is gonna dyno my car off his laptop..... weird cuz he's not gonna use a dyno machine, he says he's been tuning his car for the past year with this (link below) and says it's been the best $150 investment yet, better than spending hundreds of dollars to get on a dyno, all I've seen online is pretty good reviews about this program, just wanna know your input about it cuz if it's that good I'm thinking of purchasing it for myself, and if no one has experience with it,
well I'll be on later with the numbers I put down and how accurate I feel it is


def check out the link though
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That looks interesting. I've personally never dynoed my car so I wouldn't know how to compare it, but in theory it looks pretty sweet.
keep us updated
it's not that accurate, my friend does the same thing on his Iphone
just got home dynoed the car didn't know exactly which gear but the car, in third gear and not fully warmed up rated 168WHP/156WTQ after it warmed up, I decided to run it again in 4th gear and unfortunatley radio was on, heat was on, and headlights and fogs were on so it was having a drain on the system, but regardless it ran 158WHP/144WTQ will have the chart of the last run up soon.........
all together it seemed fairly accurate after the car warmed up completely and it connected properley with all the cars' sensors via the OBD plug,

My mods are as follows so you be the judge.......
Nismo CAI
DC Sports 4-2-1 Headers
Megan cat back and high flow cat
Knock Sensor relocate
Coolant Bypass
and Timing Advance by Nissans Consult-2 tool
it's not that accurate, my friend does the same thing on his Iphone
well I-phone I think is a little different, I do it on my G1 too, and it comes out very inaccurate 170s this actually ran all my sensors, data logged everything from engine speed, air fuel ratio, knock(which was pretty much non existent due to relocate), intake manifold absolute pressure, and once it connected with all the sensors it seemed pretty on point, etc.... even the resistance on the coils, so given the difference in numbers I feel pretty confident about this
yea usually people go on a dyno in 4th since thats the closest 1:1 ratio.
Promised to put up the graph as soon as it was e-mailed to me so here it is

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im still amazed about the 5252 rpm thing.
only thing left now is to run it on a real Dyno to see what I make.... too bad they're a little overpriced for me at the moment after paying tuition and my car insurance for 6 months :ugh:
welcome to adulthood lol
ROFL yea dude tell me about it
do they take EBT or WIC at dyno stations??
do they take EBT or WIC at dyno stations??
oh shit...
im still amazed about the 5252 rpm thing.
LMAO...get over it meng!

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