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\For sale I have the axleback portion of a greddy evo 2 catback exhaust. This means it is NOT a direct fit to the stock exhaust flange. I had this on an 05 spec v. To fit on my spec, I modified the stock pipe, so had to cut about 6 inches and then welded a 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" reducer pipe by Walker and then welded a 2 1/2" flange to the end of that. I only did this bc i wanted it to hang from the middle pointing diagonally to the right like wrx and sti's. (I have another brand new so ill throw that in if you want it along with a 2"-2 1/4" one and a 2 1/4" flange, all brand new) honestly you could drill holes on the flange to line up with the stock one, throw in a gasket and then some permatex grey high torque rtv if youre a badass. It has a little ding on the tip and some decent scrape marks on the bottom from previous dude being lowered. it is still shiny and in decent shape, but at some point it was cleaned against the grain and that's no bueno on stainless. the inside is pretty rusty, and at one point a homemade silencer or something was put in, but i pulled it off and never knew a difference. As for the pros, thing makes a statement hanging under your car!! Sounds so good and so deep, one of the deeper of heard on a spec. Its a bit deeper than my greddy ti-c catback i have now. i live in san diego, would benefit the both of us if it didn't have to be shipped. Im not here to rip someone off, just have no use for it and maybe one of you has a greddy 2.5" pipe or can make it work on the stock exhaust, whatever. ill just throw it out there 100$ . if you want it shipped, youll have to pay for it.

im in southern California, san diego area
Greddy EVO 2 axleback only
Needs some modifying to bolt to stock exhaust
Scraped up on bottom/ding on tip
Sounds oh so sweet
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looking inside from the tip, and then a picture of the random pipe i pulled out
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