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How wide can I go??

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Ok guys it's time for new wheel!!!! How wide of a rim can I go on my stock 02 spec v? Stock hight for now iam going to buy some lowering spring, not going to dump the shit out of it lol maybe 11/2 to 2 inc thats it! So how wide can I go??? Thanx guys
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That's interesting. Sean's running BC's. His rear beam is bent, but I don't see how that would be giving him any extra strut clearance. And for the fronts, I wonder if those custom control arms made any difference in his fitment.
I've always heard the Toyo R1R's actually run wider than what they say so people restricted to certain tire sizes can max their grip at the track. If you stack four 245/35 R1R's beside any four regular street 245/35, the R1R stack will be much taller, from the pictures and reads I've read online. I would almost venture to say Sean may be pushing 7" backspace. Which doesn't really add up with your experiences so far. Lol.
this is true for most of the r-comps
at least the r888s and the sport cups above
that little 225/50/15 michelin was as wide as my 8" slicks

I'm just plugging numbers into the wheel calculator and comparing
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I'll be running 17x8.5 +40 wheels here soon. That's 6.3" of backspace, on 245/40 summer tires or 235/40 R1R's. I guess we'll see what happens. Haha.
there are always spacers

i must be missing something, i have seen sean's car
if you remember i tried getting on the ground to look, seemed perfect
spacers dont make your wheel wider lmao.
not the wheel wider lol. but give u the extra clearance lol my bad
Putting 235 40 18 on my 2004 sentra , think it will work
18s are a big wheel you will probably need to work the fenders a bit.
What's the width and offset?
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