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First off no I have nothing to do with the products or this seller other than i just bought one and wanted to share the good find.

Abyways, from the thread "pictures of your engine bay show off" something like that, someone posted their picture and had a oil cap with the se-r logo on it. I believe MisterNuts asked him where he got it but was never answered, to my knowledge. Also I forgot to check but that could have been from years ago but whatever. Moral of the story check out this seller on ebay for oil caps and radiator caps. I got the oil cap and pretty impressed in the quality. Looks great and is nice and heavy/quality, lower gauge aluminum. ( I am a sheet metal fabricator...this is quality aluminum) It's made by vms racing and just came blank with a thick se-r label to stick in the middle. He's also got knockoff ls of nismo one and some others. I'm not big into knockoffs but would never drop 80$ on an oil cap. I'll probably still grab the pack of all 4 caps from 2j, just hate the shipping cost. He wanted 18$ To ship only the oil cap!! Wheel Auto part Tire Automotive wheel system Automotive tire

Look if you want, for sure worth the 20$ and shipping was one day quicker than estimated to California.

Seller : seshoponline

Here's a link : http://m.ebay.com/sch/seshoponline/m.html?isRefine=true
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