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Written By: SER Wes

This is assuming that you have already removed the stock exhaust from the mid-pipe back.

There is really no need for this cause if you can get the stock one off you can get this one on but i am doing it anyway

Set of long ratchets
Channel locks or big pliers

How to

1.If you have not taken off the back brace that is under the stock exhaust then do it now.

2.Use channel locks to compress the rubber mounts and push in the metal rods from the mid-pipe with the resignator toward rear.

3.Place new gasket and bolt up the the mid-pipe to the down-pipe but do not tighten.
(sorry no pic but you get the idea)

4.Use channel locks and mount axle-back on the three rubber brackets.

5.Place new gasket on end of mid-pipe and bolt up section that connects it to the axle-back but do not tighten.(in this pic the bracket is already up because i took it after i was done lol)

6.Place new gasket and bolt section of pipe to the axle-back.

7.Check fitment of all joints and make sure that nothing will rub or rattle and then tighten all bolts.

8.Replace brace under mid-pipe.

9.Replace the ground wire at the muffler. The grounding wire is too short to fit on the bolt made on the muffler because it is on the opposite side of the stock one. You will have to get an electrical wire and and extend it. Make sure to strip the new wire because if you dont it will get hot and stink.

Enjoy your Ebay exhaust that is worth every penny and more.

if i have left anything out let me know.
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