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A while back in NC I did a variant of the knock relocation on a B16 Spec that had some issues and was still running 'fine'. For those that don't know, the B16 Spec's had a sensitive knock sensor too at around the same sensitivity or worse though I don't remember. The guy told me it ran better and though I didn't get a chance to verify much I no clue what happened due to him moving.

All I did was mount the knock sensor backwards on its original location with a shouldered bolt or a washer. Below is an example.


There is enough room behind there to compensate for the harness, I had suggested this multiple times on Allsentra but I don't think there was any takers and I may have suggested it here but regardless here it is in all.

I will hopefully be running it like this soon when ever I get the new ATI damper, but if anyone else wants to try and see if its better than the relocation by all means as I believe it will be a better solution overall.
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