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all usage took place using the 2jr steel 14lb flywheel
DSCN1481 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

this stage 4 pressure plate and flywheel combo was used several times thru 2 engines and 3 different clutch disks [CF, 6 puck, dual face disk] over a 5 year period

3 different sets,
[yes pressure plate, clutch disk and flywheel were replaced each time]

one engine destroyed by n20 [excessive use],
also ended all carbon fiber clutch disk usage
like a hand-grenade, CF everywhere, had a long break-in time,
chattered, was not up to drag race starts
nor n2o use

one turbo setup near 400whp using a 6 puck disk worn out by over 100 high rpm drag launches and 5k street miles
perfect launches at the dragstrip, crisp solid shifts at the track,
and absolutely terrible on the street, and god forbid heavy traffic

no fun to drive casually

currently using the same 14lb steel flywheel and stage 4 pressure plate with the stage 3 disk
present setup has survived all the above abuse at least.
all that and two track days plus a trip to the dragons tail

still in the car and the reason for this review
the present 2jr stage 4 pressure plate and stage 3 clutch disk have provided the most secure setup for a street/strip/track car i have yet experienced

easy to use, smooth and consistent pedal, no clutch slip, no chatter
despite imo rather abusive use

innumerable launches, rollons, mountain and track days
longest lasting and smoothest clutch yet
for hard sport type use
[in my car]

still happy with it
and no slippage on recent numerous dyno runs
and soon to be present at the dragstrip

using this disk

and this pressure plate
for street/track conditions

works for me

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Good review. I planned on the stage 4 plate with stage 3 disc as well to favor driveability. Only difference is the 9lb flywheel, which I hear I may regret if I dont exchange.
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