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Hey everybody, so last week I installed the Megan EZ Streets on my car. Now that I have them set the way I want and driven a ocuple hundred miles I thought I'd make a review for those who are considering purchasing them. PLEASE NOTE that these are my first set of coilovers EVER, so I can't really make a good comparison of the ride quality to other brands since I've never owned any other brand. Also note that I do not autocross or race (may try it one day) so this review is based off of just daily driving.

My Car Specs:

06 Nissan Sentra 1.8S
OEM 04-06 17x7 wheels
215/45/17 Nankang NS-20 Tires.

So first off, do they go low??

This is prolly the main question everybody is wondering and the answer is it, depends on how low you want them. They advertise a 1-3 in drop, but I don't think that completely true. If you're just wanting to get rid of wheel gap then yes, they do that very well. If you're trying to slam the car, then no they do not go that low. For me however, they sit at the right height, and I don't really have any need to go lower. Here are pics of my car for reference:

Stock Height:


How it sits now:




In these pics, I have the rears as low as they can go and the fronts still have room to go about another half inch lower. I still have my fender liner in the front so I can't go much lower. But yes, that's about what you're looking at. If you get these.

Next is ride quality, how do they ride??

So the springs on these are rated for 7k F and 5k R and have 16 levels of dampening. I have my dampening set 3 clicks from 0 (max stiffness) on all 4 corners and they ride very comfortable. I haven't tried to see what the max comfort felt like yet. At settings I have, They're not extremely bouncy, and the only time they feel uncomfortable is when I have to go over these railroad tacks in my town. And even then it's not that bad. My tires do scrape in the front, but hardly. Only if I hit an extreme bump and when I do full-lock U-turns, and even then, its because I have my fender liner still in.


These normally run $700 which is not bad for coilovers. I however paid $664.95 shipped due to a Black Friday deal :D But If you're looking for something less expensive than BC's then these are the best bang for your buck, IMO.

Build Quality

These are very well built, IMO. Looking at them, I didn't see anything that would make me feel like something would break on them. The only downfall is that for SER/Spec V owners, if you still run the stock front tower brace, it wont fit with these coilovers. The longer stud is not long enough to reach through for the nut to go on. So you'll have to either modify the brace, ghetto rig it some how, buy a new studs or buy a new one brace.

So, would I recommend them??

YES! So far I have been with happy with them. I've only rode in three cars with coilovers. Rick's car (@IDriveNissans) who had BC's, my best friend's EJ8 Civic that had Racelands, and a Civic Si Sedan that had Skunk2 coilovers and compared to those, only Rick's car felt better than these.

But overall if you guys are looking for an inexpensive coilover set and don't want Racelands, these IMO are definitely worth the money. However, If you want that max slammage/hellafush low, then you may need to go for the more expensive brands. If you guys have any more questions about them, I'll try my best to answer.
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