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Good day to you all and best, I have had my rodeos with AMAZON, eBay, and CarID parts I’m unsure on that? Nissan sources parts based on VIN and production date but their prices are high.

Honestly and foremost this is not a USDM plastic engine too cover, nor is this a USDM intake manifold, nor is that a US usage NGK sticker kilometres is not a commonly used unit of measure in America and lastly nobody would import these parts (ITM, Decorative Cover, cylinder head) from Japan pay outrageous shipping prices and insane duty for no racing benefit when these are readily all over the US at any local junkyard…?

Sadly I am calling QR20DE here despite the stamping on the block. If SR20 there are Benefits by adding JDM parts DET head on an N/A block for increased flow rate but with QR this is not the case…

May if all else fails have the car placed on a fog machine and note JDM motours may not / do not have same smog control devices as USDM computer is designed to detect even if all is found plugged in there could be variables like mentioned above like a sensor vacuum may flow opposing direction so cheers to you always.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts