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i quoted it off the vboard because i'm too lazy to reformat everything :lol:


tranceporter said:
here's the progress on my spec v buildup. most of the members already know who i am (googs) and have seen what my car has gone through. gf's, jealous kids keying and denting the car, multiple bent and destoryed rims, snow crash, friends hitting me with their trucks. this is the last and final buildup of this car, i'm going all out this time.

here she was back in her prime

everyone remembers this one with the ex

with my friend franks vr-4 (his car changed a lot now too)

here she is now

waiting patiently in the garage

stuff coming in so far (turbo kit, bsr, and hid's should be in, in 2-3 weeks)

JL 500/1 amp, goodridge ss brakelines, hawk brake pads

JL 10w7 w/ JL box


ksport's are sexy

stuff already on the car that's staying through the buildup:
apex-i s-afcII, "jdm" headlights, 04' tails, erebuni rear lip, energy suspension mm inserts

the car is going to be painted (sapphire blue), cf hood, trunk & lip kit, going to try and get my erebuni lip wrapped in cf to match the rest of the kit, still deciding on wheels & tires, interior work, custom hks carbon ti exhaust, boosted, going to do internals later down the road

more pics as things progress

edit: forgot about pics of my daily driver, i use this car for work, it has 14,000 miles on it and i bought it in feburary i think. it'll eventually go to my sister if she ever gets her license.

2006 hyundai sonata GL (4cyl)

in front of my father's warehouse

parked on the street in brooklyn

some pics with my dad's 06 GLS V6 (he liked my car so much he went out a few days later and made sure he bought the v6 to spite me. he made sure he got it in a color i didn't like so i wouldn't steal it :|

a pic of my sonata hanging out in the driveway

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yeah... i've been told that by many people.. once you do the car is cursed. im trying one last time... if anything else happens it's gone for good.
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