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Brand new.
Never mounted.

Needs one tab flipped 180° to mount to the firewall.

200+shipping/PayPal fees.

No name catless header.
Been on 2 different spec vs of mine, trusty boi
45+shipping. Already boxed up

Brand new water pump. 0 miles.
Not sure if aftermarket or oem.

Offer up+ shipping.

Not pictured is:
04-06 gauge cluster, gas pedal and can wires.
Jeff Howard vq swap kit.
Spare Vq 6mt bellhousing (can include gear stacks and open diff that I took out 🤷‍♂️)
Probably more shit im forgetting...

I No longer have a sentra (well.. I kinda do, it's a shell tho.... Ima need yall to motivate me to finish my vq swap) , just trying to downsize the parts I know people can use.

Also not pictured bc I don't feel like starting another picture thread....
A literal shit load of interior parts (I have 2 center consoles, glove boxes...under dash stuff.. Random shit really)

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GLWS. I'm on a suspension kit, but currently tapped out. If you still have it in a month, I'll gladly take it off your hands.
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