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Nitrous is the cheapest way to make power. It can be very safe and reliable if you know what you are doing. That being said I think there are some thing that need to be said to keep everyone safe while using nitrous.
1. Make sure your bottle has a pressure relief valve of some kind. All name brand bottles (nos,nx,zex) have these as a built in. Don't try to save $100 bucks on a bottle, you car may end up like this. Nitrous Bottle Explosion(pics!) - Cobalt SS Network
2. don't leave your bottle in hot places. this will cause a serious increase in pressure and best case scenario is that the blow off disc bursts and vents your whole bottle. worst case, see above
3. If your bottle is open and your car stalls or starts to rev inexplicably DO NOT RESTART IT OR TRY TO REV IT. you may have leaked nitrous into the intake and it is going to end very badly. best case, you blow your intake tube off and shred a silicone coupler. worst case, you cause a big enough explosion to send shrapnel and you die or kill someone else. this stuff is dangerous if you are not careful
4. NEVER EVER shut your engine off while your bottle is open unless you have a manual shutoff in the line. I have had nitrous solenoids fail on me before and if they do and you're no paying attention, when you refire your engine KABOOM. always shut off your bottle and drain nitrous from the line before shutting off your engine
5. never run nitrous at too low of an rpm. if the motor can't suck up all the nitrous that you are spraying then kaboom

so here is what to do if you have a nitrous failure. this is going to seem like a lot but it is the safest way to do it.
shut down the system and close the bottle, remove power supply just incase the switch has failed
remove the power wire from the ignition coils and remove the injector fuse.
crank the engine for 20-30 seconds
re-install fuse and coil wires
re-fire the engine as long as you believe that all the nitrous is out of the motor and the intake

stay safe and have fun
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