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Nitrous stories

I say stories because I have but one pic

You have seen the sigs

Oh yeah. Omg
It’s really possible [on slicks] to cut two seconds off Your times in the 1/8

We are talking huge doses of nitrous here not a 50-75 shot

My short block was basically a b16 in a b15 block

With a stock b15 head but a ported intake with vq tb
[good for top end only;the 2jr plenum with stock tb
Is greatly preferred for low end, street]

With 2j race headers, 3” side exhaust, and c1 cams

Na this was a dog
Turning 9 sec 1/8miles
When every other car there [with slicks] was in the 7s

Enter my old friends
I call them The knightrous Boys
[they are late 80s and still run 60s style gassers]

They use fabulously expensive English equipment
And spurned the use of my NX equipment
They thought it was junk

Some comments on my progressive combo, of NX mechanical parts and a NOS progressive controller

Hey young’uns ever hear of rotary solenoids?
And why do you put your jets in the nozzle?
Stainless steel lines, are you kidding?

Within an hour
A small tank, controller box and nylon lines were installed in the backseat,
threaded thru the firewall and hooked up to two strange boxes that went whirr not click

The nozzles [two] seemed all wrong
They had no jets

They just smiled

I mounted the 24.5x8x15 slicks
And pulled to the lights [after warming the tires]

In the next lane was my friend’s gto
[I cut a .002 rx, time, he was at .2]

I wanted a pic of beating a gto

But it was not to be
He was so far behind me
That to get the mph, you don’t get to see him

They told me not, how big a shot
But it was smooth as silk, and the engine did not self-destruct

I instantly bought a turbo

But when I got to Joe’s for the install
He found I had lengthened the b16 rods
Among other things

I asked caspir if he thought the n20 was involved
His comment
I doubt 187hp and 174 ft lb tq did it

He might have a point

Please understand it would take 450 hp to turn 100mph in the 1/8

That’s like a 250 shot they put through my car

And I got home and to joes
On rebuild the block and crank were good

The turbo has 700hp rods this time


Look up the English “wizards of nitrous”
And prepare to have your mind opened


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the above article is really about the use of extreme amounts of n2o on a built block for drag racing
while still keeping the 180hp torquer for the street

forged 11.5 cr pistons and 700hp 2jr rods would have helped above
and allowed me to keep the plenum for low end

the left out details of the "Race"

mine went 7.5xs
he went low [email protected]

i started two ft behind the line
[he gave me a head start]

his car hopped lol
ran on 17" 325 series r888s

guaranteed rematch with vids
coming in the spring
at atlanta dragway

[he thinks i have an advantage in the 1/8 , atl is 1/4 mile
and i do, i do]

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in July just before the car went in to joe's

it's been 4 months in the rebuild and pay for it process
may have it back this fri

it's getting an nx nitrous spray bar for the intercooler
and eventually a meth system [when it warms up in the spring] will be installed

then we will see, if more is needed

also for the 1st time 15x10 wheels with beadlocks
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