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Project to do a Qr swap into a B13..

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hey guys iv been thinking about buying a shell of a 91-93 sentra (2 door coupe) ser or xe model and swapping in the Qr25de into it.. sence i havent herd or seen anyone try to do it(as i know of) i think i mite try this route and give it a try. id think it would be a pretty quick car( even if turboed) so hit me up with any ideas and what you think about it
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Here's my 2006 QR swapped into a 1991 Chassis. Rally Car... Pulls like a demon!
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I want to do a full swap with blown QR into a b13 chassis. I'd like to see some detailed bay pics to see if the blower with brackets will mount up??
that got to be fun to drive
Any updates I'm trying to get this done as well
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